Making the Most of Your Math Blaster Credits

“Greetings, Blasters! Max here. I have been working hard to organize my Pod in the spirit of Spring Cleaning. I realized, however, that I actually gave away too many items! My Pod is a blank canvas and I need to do some shopping to re-decorate it. Unfortunately, I do not have any Credits right now. Oops! Guess I should not have bought all those new outfits! Not to worry! This is a great challenge to earn some extra Credits and use my math skills to make the most of my money.

There are two great ways to earn Credits. The first one you might already know about, which is to play Math Academy games. Try to select a couple games that you are really strong at and can also play a couple times without getting bored. That way, you can rake in some Credits while the time flies past you! The second way to earn some Credits is to help out some of your fellow Blasters clean their Mutt pods! Let us head to my friend Alejandro’s Pod.

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Worksheet of the Week: Picture Addition

picture-additionThis week’s worksheet has tons of adorable animals and we need your help counting them all! Can you use your addition skills to complete this free Worksheet of the Week? Try your best at:

A Walk in The Park

“Greetings Blasters! Max, here. Although we may not have seasons in space, we still enjoy pretending like we do. We occasionally get a bit homesick of Earth and just want to have a nice day in the great outdoors. Thankfully, our top scientists and the I.S.P. designed a special place for us just so we can do this. We like to call it The Park. The Park is a simulated environment at Spaceport that is perfect for any craving to hit the outdoors.

Since our sources indicate that it is Spring in the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, we thought we might celebrate by having a nice picnic in the Park. There are so many great activities in the Park for the Blaster that loves exploring the rugged moon rocks and cyber grass that space has to offer! Let us check them all out!Park1 Continue reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the I.S.P.!


Greetings Blasters! As you might know, today is St. Patrick’s Day! Here at Spaceport, we consider this the LUCKIEST day in the universe! We love this holiday so much, nothing puts us in a bad mood. Not even a mischievous Mutt or an impish alien! We hope your travels through the galaxy are just as lucky and legendary as our own! Maybe you will start raising a brand new larva or beat your Zapper high score. Comment below and tell us what great accomplishments you achieved in Math Blaster this week, no matter how big or small.

Worksheet of the Week: Colorful Fractions


This week’s worksheet introduces us Blasters to the concept of fractions. Since fractions can be scary the first time you see them, this worksheet gives you a friendly opportunity to get more familiar with them. No hard math, just coloring! To get this free Worksheet of the Week, just click on the image and ask your parents for help printing it!

Life on the I.S.P.

Greetings Blasters! Max, here. Have you ever wondered what a typical day running the I.S.P. is like? Spaceport is such an enormous ship sailing through the galaxy. That means GC, Monty, and I have a lot of responsibilities to take care of on a daily basis. Since there are so many things going on everyday, I thought I might share my daily routine with you Blasters.

I should mention that on Spaceport we use a 24-hour clock, or “military time”. This means that instead of going back to 1at noon, we continue on to 13. You can convert military time to standard time simply by subtracting all hours after noon by 12. This means that 1300 hours would be 1:00pm. While reading my routine, try to convert the times from military to regular time!

0700 Hours:


Wake up time! My day begins with more rise and less shine, since there is no sunlight in space. Thankfully my handy alarm clock gives me that wake-up call to start my day. I immediate walk over to my Mutt Pod and check on my two adorable Mutts.

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Worksheet of the Week: Pricey Posts

We need to send some letters to our friends, but we do not know how many stamps we need! Can you see if we have enough stamps for each envelope to send to our pen pals? Ask your parents to help you download this FREE Worksheet of the Week and help us with our postage problems!


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