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Family, laughter, and fun—another Easter holiday is around the corner! How will you be celebrating? Many of us gather with family and friends to celebrate this time of the year and also enjoy much of what the spring season has to offer. Make this year a memorable one for your little ones and try new things. Whether it be new crafts to share with your loved ones or bringing the colors of spring indoors with decorating, there are so many ways to that you can set this Easter a part from the previous ones. Your kids will have a blast and so will you with these inspiring Easter ideas from Math Blaster!

Photo By Elana Roussakis

Photo By Elana Roussakis

The best part is that you can turn any simple activity into a mini math lesson teaching basic concepts that your kids will learn through hands on practice. Whether it be counting out treats to place in goodie bags or learning proportions and shapes while folding origami bunnies, your kids can strengthen their math skills and have a stellar time while doing it!


Worksheet of the Week

5 Minutes Drill - Multiplication Worksheet for 1st Graders

Kick Start Your Spring Celebration

Spring has arrived and Easter is just around the corner! Have you thought about ways to celebrate the season with your kids? We can help you prepare for all of the fun festivities with these simple ideas that will help you and your Cadet at home have a blast this Easter!

Easy Easter Recipes with Kids

Spending time in the kitchen with your kids can easily be turned into a quick, hands-on math lesson in disguised while making delicious Easter treats. Choose simple recipes that your kids will have no problem with preparing most of it on their own. Crispy rice treats and even simple party mixes, like “Bunny Bait” have simple instructions where your kids can measure and count what is needed.

Photo By David Goehring

Photo By David Goehring

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Crew Tournament: Congratulations…

Congratulations to the Gold Starz! You have come out on top of our first-ever Crew Tournament. After each round of competition, this elite level group of Blasters has managed to rack up the most number of Trophies by completing all kinds of math challenges in the Academy, which is no easy feat. Great job, Blasters!


Next time you speed through the tunnels at HyperBlast, you will have access to the tournament prize, your custom cool Pirate theme HyperCycle. Check into the space station now to check it out!

Worksheet of the Week

Number Colors - Free Math Worksheet for 3rd Grade

Flying Snakes

Snakes—scaly, slithering, hissing reptiles that fly? If you disagree, don’t let their lack of wings fool you into believing they can’t! There are some snakes that can glide through the air as far as 100 feet! How do they do it with out wings? Scientists are interested in their ability to glide as it may answer mechanical and aerospace questions.


There are five recognized species of flying snakes that are found in western India and Indonesia. These snakes are thought to be strictly tree dwellers and are rarely seen coming down from their comfy canopy homes. Scientists aren’t quite sure why or how often flying snakes fly, but it’s likely they do to move from tree to tree with out having to slither down just to climb back up another one or to escape predators and even hunt for food.

These flying snakes have the ability to rotate their ribs which allow them to flatten their bodies. The term “flying” isn’t necessarily what they do since they don’t gain altitude, but instead they are able to glide and they are very good at it. From high up on tree branches, flying snakes can fling themselves out of the tree then flattening their bodies into a concave C shape to trap air beneath them to seemingly slither through the air!

New research is investigating how the snake’s technique of gliding works and if their findings can be applied to mechanical problems with identifying the best air flow for smaller wind turbines.

Worksheet of the Week

TV Guide – Time Worksheet for Kids - Math Blaster


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