Creating Crews with Max

“Greetings, Blasters! Did you know that today is Intergalactic Space Crew Day? This is a special day when all of the I.S.P.’s new recruits are encouraged to join their very first Crew! I think it is such an exciting time here in Math Blaster. All the new Cadets on board get to meet brand new friends and compete with other teams. Just so many memories to be had.
1This year, in particular, we had so many new Blasters that were eager to join the ranks of our Crews I am just having a little bit of trouble with crunching the numbers. I am going to need YOUR help finding out just how many new Crews must be formed. Since there are 522 Blasters looking to join a team, and only 20 empty spots on our existing Crews… Can you figure out how many new Crews we need to create? It is time to pull out your long division skills! Are you ready for this?

1. First we will need to do a bit of subtracting. Can you figure out what is 522 minus 2?

2. Now comes when we find out the answer. Just how many NEW Crews must be formed. We take the answer from our subtraction problem and then divide it by the amount of spots available for new Crews, which is 50 Cadets.

3. You might have noticed from your answer that there is a remainder. Do you know what this means? You will need to add one more Crew to the answer so all of those remaining Blasters have a team to compete with as well!

Have you found the answer? Let me know what it is in the comments so I can start helping these Cadets form their new Crews! Also, if you have not joined a Crew yet, make sure to do so today and show your Spaceport Spirit!”

Game of the Week: Nebula Knockout

MB-NebulaKnockoutOnce you have trained your Mutt to be the strongest and wisest it can be, it is time to head to the Nebula Knockout arena to put its special powers to the test. In this game, your Mutt gets to battle and play with other Mutts around Spaceport and develop their strengths. Just at the sound of the audience roaring and cheering, we bet your Mutt will start to grow a little bit more confidence right away! If you think your Mutt is ready to become a champion fighter, make sure to start playing our Game of the Week with some of your Blaster friends!

Send Dad a Stellar Message with Our Father’s Day Cards!

MB-Fathers-day-b“Max here! I know that Father’s Day is coming up and the Crew at the I.S.P. wanted to make sure you sent your dad the perfect transmission from Spaceport to planet Earth. We put together some special Father’s Day cards that include a special page for you to write a letter to the galaxy’s greatest dad. After getting some help to download and print these cards, think about a message your dad will truly appreciate, then write it down on a separate sheet of paper for an adult to look it over! Once you have checked for spelling and grammar errors, use your BEST penmanship and write down your message! Hope you and your family has an excellent Father’s Day!”

Worksheet of the Week: Shopping Spree

shopping-spree-1It is the end of the school year and we just received some extra cash from a parent for all of our hard work! Now that we have some money to spend for the summer, only one thing is stopping us from going on our shopping spree: we do not know how to much money we need for each item! Can you help us in this Worksheet of the Week by counting up the coins and dollars so we can purchase each item with the correct amount of money?

Keeping Your Larva Healthy

One of the fist things that any Blaster does after boarding the ISP is choose their larva. Your very first larva will be a long time companion through your Math Blaster missions that you will always cherish. I certainly know the bond between my first Mutt and I is unbreakable. With that in mind, you will really want to focus on starting this friendship on the best possible foot! Once you meet your Larva over at the Den, it is time to head to the Incubator to let it grow! Your new responsibility is to give it a comfortable environment.That way your larva will hatch right on schedule and turn into a healthy and happy Mutt.
1In order to do this, we will need to collect crystals to help change the mood of the Incubator. Let us head to the Park and start searching. Before we go, though, we should take note of the crystals that will help us make the larva’s habitat satisfactory. If you see the bars at the bottom of the screen, you will notice that the volume of the music in the yellow part of the line. That means it is a bit too loud for this little fellow and we want to bring the volume down to the green area. As we walk around the Park, make sure to find the crystal with a single music note, so we can soften the tunes in the Incubator.
2Now that we are at the Park, it is time to search! Hmm… Where could that crystal be??? We have to keep a sharp eye on these things, since Crystals change locations every couple of seconds.
3Oh look! Right by the entrance we came in from! Let us quickly collect it and head back to the Incubator.
4All you need to do is click on the crystal image and then click on the Incubator. Ah… Now that is much better!

Keeping your larva’s Incubator comfy is super helpful for any rookie Blaster to practice. A happy larva will grow into a happy Mutt that will be your friend forever. Also, the responsibility you gain from this friendship is a great quality to have on the Spaceport. After all, we need our Crew to watch over their stations as soon as possible when they hear the sirens of a Red Alert! So start taking care of that larva today and raise it at the Incubator!

Game of the Week: Angle Attack

MB-AngleAttackUgh, Alien intruders always seem to be hopping on board the International Spaceport. Thankfully, Angle Attack allows our top Blasters to keep watch for any intergalactic villains trying to invade the ship! In this game, use your best geometry skills to identify what angle the Alien is from you. That way you can get a better understanding of measuring angle degrees while targeting your opponent as accurately as possible. Just watch out! If you do not calculate the angle in time, the Alien might get you! Do you think you are ready for this Blaster Mission? Step in to the Math Academy to start playing this Game of the Week!

Worksheet of the Week: Trip to the Aquarium

trip-to-the-aquariumThese 3 families are headed to a summer fun day at the aquarium, but cannot seem to figure out how much they should pay to get in. Use some decimal addition, and percentage knowledge to help them explore all of the colorful fish at their local aquarium in this week’s worksheet! To download, simply click on the image and have a parent help you print it out!


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