Game of the Week: Angle Attack

MB-AngleAttack2We are not quite sure why the most mischievous of Aliens enjoy sneaking into our ship, but our team at Spaceport needs some help warding them off! Head to the Math Academy and take on GC’s Mission in our Game of the Week by using your sharp geometry tactics to precisely blast away these outer space pranksters.

Worksheet of the Week: Mythies Word Search

MythieWoTWMythies, the very distant relatives of our very own Monster Mutts, seem to be gearing up for an exciting new quest! While we have no idea what that adventure might be, our JumpStart ambassadors to the I.S.P. have assured us Blasters that we do NOT want to miss out on this. To help join the JumpStart Mythies in their latest mission, make sure to complete the Mythies-related word search that Ivy has prepared for us! Make sure to click on the image so that you can download and print this FREE Worksheet of the Week!

Game of the Week: Bolt Cruncher

MB-BoltCrusher-2Max needs your help once again at the Bolt Cruncher factories! Head to the conveyor belt this week in our Blaster Mission and use some of your fraction knowledge to keep the Spaceport shining bright! Now that you are familiar with the game, think you can spot those fractions at a speedy rate so you can earn a time bonus?

Worksheet of the Week: Connect the Constellation? – Cancer

connect-the-constellation-cancerAs Max and GC travel through the far reaches of the galaxy, they spend a LOT of time looking at the stars. It is very important for them to be able to identify different sets of stars so they know how to properly navigate between planets! For the astronomer in training, you will certainly want to download this Worksheet of the Week and start getting familiar with the constellations you see in the night sky! That way, you will be as sharp as Max and GC in spotting rogue comets, asteroids, and planets in your Spaceport missions!

Max and GC’s July Pod Tours

Greetings Blasters! Have you decorated your Pod recently? We can all get super busy completing our favorite Math Academy games and trying to save the entire I.S.P. from aliens and asteroids. When you need a moment to step away from the heat of your missions and trainings, giving some extra flash to your Pod can help lighten things up here in space. To help give you some ideas for decorating your room, GC and I toured the halls of Spaceport once again to show you some of the brightest Pods of the month! Read below to see both GC and my picks!

Max’s Picks:

Alex DarkMoon
1Alex has turned his Pod into a full-on throne with these torches! This is a pretty fascinating set-up that is sure to ward off any Alien intruders!

Maya DarkSun
2Maya’s sports-themed Pod is an absolute touchdown in my book! We might not have your traditional earthling sporting events up here in Spaceport, but this room makes you feel as though you are always at your favorite sports arena.

GC’s Picks:

Steph EmeraldBlackhole
Steph’s room is all decked out in Spaceport’s favorite color… Green! Even if we weren’t biased for our love of greens, we were very impressed with her knack for organization. The placement of her desk, bookshelf, and plants really opens up the space in her Pod!

Robert OmegaFire
4Robert’s room is simple, but feels very well thought out. I love how the carpet matches the bed and chairs! I cannot help but also admire the large TV right in the middle of his room! As a big television fan myself, I appreciate a Blaster that keeps their TV in clear view so as to not miss a thing in their favorite Spaceport shows!

Well, this concludes our Pod Tours for the month of July! Are you particularly proud of the awesome room decorations you set up in your Pod? Send us a screenshot in the comments below and we would be happy to feature it in next month’s Tours!

Game of the Week: Zapper

MB-GoTW-ZapperZapper is the Math Academy’s go-to training station for Blasters wanting to practice their talents at Red Alert missions. To beat this game, you must be sharp with your mind and your reflexes. Use mental math to quickly determine which asteroids are projected for collision with Spaceport, and then use your arrow keys and spacebar to stop them in their tracks. The International Spaceport could always use stronger and wiser Cadets, so make sure to complete this week’s Blaster Mission and get some extra preparation for rapidly subtracting numbers.

Worksheet of the Week: Multiplication Muddle

multiplication-muddleMax is creating a handy chart to practice using multiplication and division, but he seems to run into an obstacle. He just cannot seem to find an answer to complete these two columns! Do you think you can use your puzzle solving powers to fill out the entire chart? Think carefully to figure out the correct answer, as there might just be more than one possible solution! With the help of a parent, download and print today’s worksheet and help our Blaster captain!


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