Speeding Through Galaxy Grand Prix

Our Blaster friend Sara CyberSatellite is practicing today for a BIG race this upcoming weekend. To help make sure she is ready to excel tomorrow, Sara needs to time herself and see how long it will take her to complete the race. Normally, Sara only races one lap when she goes on the Shooting Star Strip. For this huge Racer rally, however, she will have to go for a solid THREE laps!

Sara’s target time for this race is to reach the finish line in under 3:30. To see if she needs to practice looping through the course, let’s help Sara predict her estimated finish time tomorrow using speed, distance, and time.

The first thing we need to do is calculate how long it takes Sara to complete one lap of the Shooting Star Strip. Are you ready to start your timers? Ready… Set… Go!
mbgalaxySara sure is one speedy driver! She finished the course in a time of 1:20. First, let us convert her time to seconds so that it will be much easier for us to use. Since a minute is 60 seconds long, that means she came in at a total of 80 seconds.

Now we can calculate her rate! This is actually very easy. Think of rates as a type of ratio, where we have distance on the left side and time on the right side. This gives Sara a rate of 1 loop per every 80 seconds (or 1:80).

Next, let us find out her predicted time! To do this, we multiply both sides of the fraction by 3, which gives us 3 loops per every 240 seconds.

Now it is time for us to convert our 240 seconds into minutes, which we can do by using our long division skills. Take 240 and divide it by 60 to get our final answer.

So did Sara beat her target time of 3 minutes and 30 seconds? Comment below with the answer and tell us what her predicted time is!

Game of the Week: Oozami

MBGoTW-OozamiIn our Game of the Week, Max decided it was time to return to the bubbling, slimy chambers of Oozami. Many Cadets have ventured into these highly restricted parts of Spaceport, but few have escaped the growing slime before time runs out. To do this, you not only have to be sharp on your feet, but also wise in your mathematics. For this week, see if you can get some extra place value practice by taking on Max’s mission in Place Value Voyager. Succeeding in your Oozami training will help keep you in top shape for defending Spaceport in your Red Alert missions and give you some extra Credits to spend at the Spaceport Stores.

Get started on this Blaster Mission and see just how well you can complete each level in these quests! http://budurl.me/MBGoTW14

Worksheet of the Week: Set it Right

set-it-rightWith the new school year coming up, you are probably looking for new items supplies and clothes to start your classes on the right foot! To help organize the items you are searching for, you created this handy shopping list. However, it seems as though there are a couple items you still need to purchase. Can you use your subtraction knowledge to find out which items you still need to get? Download this week’s worksheet to get started! http://budurl.me/MBWorksheet127

Game of the Week: Alien Wrangler

MB-GoTW-AlienWranglerOur alien slug nemesis is back, and refuses to stay calm! This week’s Blaster Mission takes us to Alien Wrangler, Spaceport’s very own galactic rodeo show. Use your mental math skills to stay afloat on this wild alien. The longer you stay on, the more points you will earn! That means you can unlock even bigger Aliens to wrestle. If you are feeling like a true space cowboy and think your mental subtraction skills have what it takes to tame this big fellow, you must make sure to complete this week’s Blaster Mission! Do not forget to let us know how long you were able to stay on by posting your time in the comments below! http://budurl.me/MBGoTW13

Worksheet of the Week: Number Colors

number-colorsMax designed a special coloring page for you Blasters to complete this week! In order to give this boat a brand-new coat of paint, you will need to use your multiplication knowledge to find out what colors this boat needs to come back to life! Ready to take this project on? Ask a parent to help you download and print this Worksheet of the Week at: http://budurl.me/CoolMath126

Which Color Kit is Best for Your Mutt?

Have you had a chance to decorate your Mutt with a color kit yet? I know that so many of you Blasters on the I.S.P. are ready to give your Mutt some extra flash to their coat. However, I thought some of you might have a bit of trouble figuring out just what is the right color kit for your Mutt. That is why I decided to showcase some of the stylish patterns we have at our Mutt Accessories Stations this week so you might have a better idea of what color kit expresses your Mutt’s personality!

But first, I wanted to give you the scoop on how Color Kits work. Once you’ve purchased a color kit at one of the accessories stations in The Park, click on your Mutt and select “Dress Up”. After that, click on the kit that you would like your Mutt to wear. Then, click on your Mutt to place it!

Now that you have color kits figured out, it is time to pick out the perfect look for your Mutt!

The Relaxed Look
Would you describe your Ickasaur as being “the calm in the storm”? This lavender color kit will be the perfect match for its soothing spirits!

The Bold Look
If your Mutt is always looking for ways to stand out from the pack, then try one of the brighter color kits at the Mutt Accessories Station.

The Stealthy Look
However, your Mutt might prefer to blend in to the night to sneak up on Alien Intruders. This outfit will help your Tweeter stay on the offense as it helps to save the galaxy!

The Stoic Look
Chiseled out of the sturdiest rock in the galaxy, this color kit will make your Mutt look strong and confident. It is the perfect style to cheer up a Mutt that is nervous for its first day of Mutt Training!

The Natural Look
A classic choice. This color kit uses the freshest leaves from Planet Avatarus and makes your Eye-Clops’ legs look like stems of a tree. If your Mutt loves to wander through the rougher terrain of Spaceport, this is a great color kit for it!

Of course, these looks are just a few of the color kits you can purchase at the Mutt Accessories Station. You can even unlock brighter and bolder styles as you climb up the ranks of Spaceport Cadets. Once you have had a chance to pick out a new look for your favorite space friend, send us a screenshot of your Mutt in your color kit!

Game of the Week: Ice Cubed

GoTW-IceCubedNot sure how this caveman found himself in outer space, but he needs a little help getting unfrozen. Take some time this week and solving a couple challenging puzzles while getting our old pal back into the modern age by playing a few rounds of Ice Cubed. As you put your problem solving skills to the test, you can also earn extra Credits so you can buy new decorations for your Pod AND climb of the ranks of Spaceport Cadets. A pretty fair trade for helping out one of Spaceport’s favorite friends, right? Start working on this Blaster Mission today! http://budurl.me/MBGoTW12


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