Calling All Blasters: New Crew Ranks Revealed!

Congratulations to Math Masters for leading the pack with 67,439 trophies! With achievements like that, this stellar set of Blasters must have all kinds of out-of-this-world stories to tell! They better look out though, because the Gold Starz aren’t too far behind with 54,018 trophies.

9.12.14 crew leaderboard

Are YOU part of a Crew? They’re a great, fun way to play with other Blasters and take on challenges as a team! There are two ways to become a member of a Crew: you can either join an existing crew, or start your own and invite fellow Blasters and BFFS to join.

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Preparing to Head Back-to-School

This time of year for families with school aged kids can easily be described as something just short of chaotic. It’s the time of year where you need to prepare the kids to head back into the classroom while you figure out how to  facilitate managing lunches, schedules and more! How will you handle it all in the fall? Let us know at the Math Blaster blog and check out our tips for preparing yourself and the kids for the new school year.

Photo by: US Department of Education

Here are our top tips for staying on top of the back to school season:

Pick up the supplies: Your kids will need new gear before hitting the classroom. From clothing or uniform items to classroom supplies and the like, make sure you have a list from the school outlining the necessities. After all, you won’t want to go overboard with the shopping if you have a strict budget to maintain.

Plan out the meals: The key to having healthy meals for each day and kid in your household for that matter is by preparing ahead of time. Cook and pack meals during the weekend. – separating them into container for each day of the week (if you go by this route, make sure not to let anything sit for too long to avoid spoiling).

Create a family schedule: Once the kids are back in school, you’re going to have to coordinate pick up and drop off times. While doing this, it might also be helpful to research extra curricular activities that they might be interested in. That way if they are stuck on campus later in the day, you can plan accordingly or figure out the most efficient way to get then to and from off-site events.

Sharpen their skills: Have them get back into the swing of things in regard to their education by challenging them to play learning games or complete free learning resources like worksheets or activities that will make learning fun, interactive, and most of all effective. Swing by to find ones that fit their interests.There are a ton of great finds waiting for you at our Cool Math page!

BLASTER ALERT: JumpStart is taking the field with the NFL!

Our friends at JumpStart have some BIG news for you Blasters – they’re teaming up with the NFL to bring you an unprecedented and never-before-seen series of NFL RUSH games! Report back to Earth because its time to hit the field and Max wants to see if you are ready to be a HERO! Grab your mobile devices and download NFL RUSH GameDay Heroes! The latest mobile game from our friends at JumpStart is now available at the iTunes App and Google Play stores


Gear up to support your favorite NFL team before rallying for that gameday win! This exciting multiplayer game allows you to customize your very own football player before taking the field in a series of exciting and fast-paced mini games! Utilize strategy and game-changing power ups to push ahead as you race through round after round of competitive play.

What are you waiting for, cadet? Connect with your friends and play in real time for a chance to rack up points and become the ultimate gameday hero, securing your team the WIN!

Understanding Echolocation

Nature and the world around us are filled with all kinds of amazing phenomena. In fact, scientific study provides parents, researchers, and educators with a means by which your kids can learn to understand it. In the case of bats, has your curiosity for knowledge given you reason to wonder how bats communicate while in flight? Join your kids at the Math Blaster blog to learn more about Echolocation and its role in the happenings of the night sky in areas where bats are common.



What is Echolocation? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Echolocation in it’s simplest form is, “a physiological process for locating distant or invisible objects (as prey) by sound waves reflected back to the emitter (as a bat) from the objects.” This is especially useful to creatures like bats as their nocturnal lifestyle makes it important for them to be able to navigate the night sky. Through echolocation, they are able to locate prey and also estimate distance as they fly from “point a” to “point b.”

The sound of the echo reflections are emitted back to the bat’s ears to allow them to process basic spatial information without the use of their eyes and light. Isn’t that neat? Can you imagine flying blindly, depending completely on the use of echolocation to navigate through life? This natural phenomenon gives new meaning to that common saying, “blind as a bat!”

Kitchen Math: Back-to-School Breakfast Recipes

Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So there is no better time than those mornings before school to get your kids brains moving and ready for action. Invite your little ones to employ their math skills in the kitchen by helping gyou prepare breakfast. Between calculating quantities, measuring ingredients and more, math plays a vital role in cooking for a full household. Here’s a quick recipe to help get you started -

Quick smoothie recipes
Kicking off the morning with a fruit-filled smoothie with energy generating ingredients and lean protein options can be a great way to start your day. In addition to your oatmeal, pancakes, cereal or other breakfast foods, try blending up this quick and easy smoothie recipe!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie (serves 2)
1 ripe banana
1 ½ cups frozen strawberries
3 tablespoons almond butter
¼ cup vanilla yogurt
2 cups soy milk

Have the kids calculate the amount of ingredients needed according to the number of people in your home and then have them measure them out accordingly before you blend them together. Its a delicious way of incorporating education into everyday routines! Best of all, this recipe was borrowed from, so be sure to visit the site for more delicious smoothie and breakfast ideas!


Max, G.C. and the team are making BIG improvements to the Space Station to optimize your intergalactic adventure in learning. This Sunday, August 24th, at 9PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) will be down for scheduled maintenance for at least 6-8 hours. Please stay tuned for more updates from Max and the team at mission control regarding access to our online world!

Math Games for Back-to-School Fun!

There is no doubt that math learning takes time and practice. Before your kids head back to the classroom, work them back into the routine with a few fun and engaging math drills and exercises. While there are a number of exciting tools aboard the Math Blaster Space Station, you might want to make an event of this end-of-summer warm up by inviting your kids’ friends over for a back-to school party with food, familiar faces, and best of all – interactive math games that get those competitive juices flowing in the direction of learning!

Head on over to our official Pinterest page to get started and find some active math activities to share with your kids and their friends. Don’t feel tied down to these game ideas. Get creative and tailor some traditional yard or party activities to incorporate educational components like math!


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