There’s No Place Like My Pod!

Soon your kids will have a place to call home in Math Blaster. Introducing, My Pod! My Pod will be your child’s own apartment that they will be able to design with furniture and accessories to look anyway they want! These cosmic chambers will hover around the space station and give your kids a space to relax and hang out with their B.F.F.s.

My Pod

Tell your kids to head to the My Pod portal in the ISP to teleport to their pod.

My Pod will have everything a Blaster needs to take a break from saving the space station and get away from it all. Your kids’ mutts will even have their own special hang out spot in the pod called Mutt Pod. Your mutt will be able to spend time here when your kids are busy fending off galactic enemies from the ISP.

Monster Mutt Pod

Your kids will be able to express their monster mutts' style by purchasing the perfect mutt bed.

Check out the My Pod Store!

What Do Your Kids Think Of The New Features?

Recently, we launched some cool, new features that make it easier for Blasters to communicate with each other.

With these features, Blasters have an opportunity to not only chat, but also share more information about themselves. On the Home Page, Blasters will see their Blaster’s information, as well as information about their B.F.F.s. Blasters can share details about themselves such as gender, native country, mood, Math Blaster rank and status updates. Although their information is featured on their Home Page, Blasters will have to access their About Me page to make changes to these items.

Home Page

The Home Page gives Blasters access to information about themselves, their B.F.F.s and Math Blaster!

The About Me page gives Blasters an opportunity to share their favorites. Blasters can also update their B.F.F.s about what is going on in their lives, and their friends can reply to their status! In addition to that, Blasters can learn more about the latest news and updates to Math Blaster and then head into the game afterwards with the quick launch option!

About Me

Encourage your kids to personalize their About Me page with their favorites!

The message board allows Blasters to interact with their B.F.F.s. This is a great way to keep a long conversation in order. If Blasters want to continue chatting inside of the game, they can use the toolbar which is located on the bottom of the screen. The toolbar also has buttons that will grant access to all of the features mentioned including the About Me page, message board, emoticons and chat.


Kids can share a few cool words with Blasters by utilizing the improved toolbar!

Have your kids had a chance to explore these new features yet? What do they think?

Check Out the New About Me Section!

About Me

Blasters, have you seen the recently added About Me section of Math Blaster? If your kids haven’t seen it yet, they should definitely check it out!

The About Me page has a section for your children to update their friends on their adventures! Did your child just win a thrilling game of Galaxy Grand Prix? They can let their B.F.F.s know by updating their status. Make sure your kids’ friends are up to date on the latest happenings in your children’s lives.

There’s also a section for basic information to view with a quick glance. This includes your Blaster’s name, Blaster picture, mood, rank, country, and gender. Make sure your children are careful though. Once a country and gender are set, they cannot be changed.

Your child can also now let all their B.F.F.s know their favorites for everything ranging from food to music. Your children might discover something in common with their B.F.F.s that they were previously unaware of!

There’s also game info on the bottom of the screen so Blasters will know where they stand in terms of their rank, morphs, merits, and B.F.F.s.

Make sure to check out the rest of the recent additions we’ve made to Math Blaster as well!

Check Out Cool, New Features on the Home Page!

Have your kids ever wanted to talk more with their fellow B.F.F.s? If so, they’ll love the new additions that were recently added to

Blasters now have an opportunity to share more about themselves while learning more about other Blasters in the Intergalactic World. On the home page, Blasters will see information about themselves, but also about their B.F.F.s as well.


On the left side of the Home Page, Blasters can share information such as gender, flag of native country, emoticons, and their Math Blaster rank! Although they are featured here, Blasters will have to access their about me page in order to make changes to these items.

Learn more about the Homepage here!

New Changes to Math Blaster!

Have your kids seen the new additions to yet? We’ve added a few new features to make it easier for Blasters to talk to their friends in the game!

Here’s a quick overview of what’s been added:

My Home Page:

My Home Page

The first thing Blasters should see when they enter the game is the new home page! Although they cannot change anything directly from the home page, it does have all the latest updates for your kids! Your kids can keep up to date on the latest Math Blaster news, status updates, new messages, and even see which one of their friends is online.

About Me:

About Me

Your kids can personalize this area with all their likes and dislikes. There is also a section to update their friends on what they’re currently up to.

Message Board:
The message board allows your kids to have conversations with their friends.


All of these new features are easily accessible by using the buttons on the toolbar.

Encourage your kids to check out the new features, and tell us what you think! Which new addition is their favorite?

The Blaster Style Challenge Has Blasted Off!

The Blaster Style Challenge is in full blast!  We have received so many awesome entries and decided to highlight a few Blasters for their style and creativity. Here are the top entries received so far. Please encourage your kids to check them out and vote on which one they like the best.

Leah WhamNebula

Click here to see the rest of the Blasters!

Blaster Style Challenge!


It’s Max, checking in. I’m so happy to see that so many of your kid’s Blasters are enjoying the Intergalactic adventure of Math Blaster. Together we have conquered a gazillion Red Alerts, tamed the alien in Alien Wrangler and saved robots’ lives in Bolt Cruncher!

With so much going on in our world, I have neglected to acknowledge my faithful Blasters who help to keep everything on track around here. So, I am pleased to announce that we are officially launching the Blaster Style Challenge. I’ve seen a lot of cool looking Blasters out there, and I want to give them a chance to be seen! Tell your kids that they can show off their Blaster’s style by sending a picture of their Blaster and their Blaster name to:

We’re going to feature some of the best looks right here on the blog, so encourage your kids to join in on the fun.

I can’t wait to see their cool styles!

Your favorite Blaster,


P.S. I check my email daily, so Blasters can always reach me there. If your kids ever want to send me mail, they can also always send it to:

Knowledge Adventure
Attn: Max Fan Mail
2377 Crenshaw Blvd., Suite 302
Torrance, CA 90501

My friends there will beam it up to the Intergalactic Space Station for me so I can see it.

About B.F.F.s (Blaster Friends of the Future)

Greetings, Cadets! We here at Math Blaster have great news! Due to the recent influx of Blaster Cadets joining the ISP, we want to introduce a buddy list feature that helps Cadets keep in contact with their fellow blaster friends in the Academy. It is with great pleasure that we introduce B.F.F. (Blaster Friends of the Future) to Math Blaster! Do your kids have any close friends, relatives, classmates, or neighbors that play Math Blaster, too? By using B.F.F., your kids will be notified when their real life friends are online, and they can interact with them on Math Blaster!  Together they can defeat alien outlaws and support each other as they climb the rankings in the ISP.

To add Blaster Cadets on your kids’ B.F.F. list, you must trade B.F.F. codes with another Blaster Cadet, request to be friends, and approve one another. If both parties do not accept the B.F.F. request, it will be ignored or denied. Your children can also add Blaster friends by clicking the invite icon on another player when in the game. However, to do so, your child’s Cadet must be in the same room as the friend you are trying to add.

While the B.F.F. feature allows children to create a buddy list, this new function will not open up any free chat between players; it will simply allow kids to be in the same instance of the game as their friends so they can see each other’s Blaster Cadets. Players will still only be able to interact using safe, pre-programmed phrases, dance moves, and emoticons.

Have your kids started building their B.F.F. list yet?

Customizing Cadets

Greetings, Earthlings and Space Cadets! We here at Math Blaster understand that many of your children have been on a busy cadet training schedule, but have they gotten a chance to check out the different cadet pieces Math Blaster has available? Make sure they enter the molecular modulator to play around with different hair, mouths, eyes, skin colors, heads, heights, and genders for their cadets! While the ISP requires every cadet to adhere to a strict uniform, the molecular modulator allows your kids to style up their cadets with some appropriate flair and stylish freedom. Do your kids wish their cadets could be more space friendly with one-eyed alien heads or scaling green skin? It’s all possible by visiting the molecular modulator and altering their genetic makeup!

Click here to see the different styles available!


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