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The Math Blaster World offers all of you Blasters different, exciting activities to do. Max and his team have worked hard to create an out-of-this-world experience for each and every Blaster, so have you decided which types of activities are your favorites in Math Blaster?

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This week, Max and GC — along with their trusty team — want to see your Blasters giving Ice Cubed a try! If you are looking for a way to have some intergalactic fun, head on over to the Math Academy and find the portal for this game. Ice Cubed is a game that gives Blasters the opportunity to be heroes; Blasters must maneuver the frozen caveman across the dangerous ice toward the fire vent.

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There are a variety of levels to conquer, each with a different combination of challenging obstacles to overcome. As Blasters move the frozen caveman across the icy course, different ice blocks are weaker than others — some ice blocks might even disappear right from under the caveman! The object of the game is to free the caveman from its icy enclosure by melting away all of the ice on the fire vent.

New Year, New Features… Which Are Your Kids’ Favorites?

The space station is budding with new activities! Many of them are keeping your children’s brains active as they learn new math skills. Blasters all over the galaxy are busy earning credits and becoming math heroes of the future. Blasters have been raving about all of these new features and we want to know which is your child’s favorite!

Do your kids love the challenge of answering math questions followed by the thrill of risking it all? Then Risk It just may be their favorite new game.

Or, do they enjoy maneuvering through the frozen and puzzling paths of Ice Cubed? Cornelius is happy that your kids have helped free him from his ice cube trap.

Have they enjoyed decorating that little space for their little friend? Mutt pods have allowed Blasters to earn stars and help others look after their mutt pods.

Or, maybe your children look forward to meeting goals. If so, Star Status may be their new favorite feature. After all, every Blaster loves to reach for the stars.

Being recognized by Blasters all over the galaxy is a totally exciting accomplishment! Do your kids delight in seeing their name on the Leader Board in the Math Academy?

With so many electrifying new features, it’s hard to choose just one! Which one is your child’s favorite?

A Cold Front Is Headed for the ISP!

Do your kids remember Cornelius, the intergalactic ambassador? Well, soon he’ll be shuttling back to Math Blaster as part of the new game Ice Cubed! Although somewhat misunderstood, this abominable caveman is actually the friendliest, most kind-hearted creature that ever stomped across planet Gomba’s icy terrain.

The temperatures on Gomba have dropped so low that that Cornelius has been trapped inside an enormous block of ice! And now, it will be up to your kids to free him from his artic chamber. They will need to use their Blaster brains to navigate Cornelius across the ice and to the square with the roaring fire. When they land on that square, the ice cube will melt and Cornelius will be free! Make sure they watch out because there are lots of tricks and traps along the way like thin ice that will send him plunging into the freezing water.

Make sure your kids watch the clock, because this game is all about timing and skill!

Learn more about Ice Cubed here!


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