Red Alert! Enemies Are Headed to the Intergalactic Space Station!!

This just in! The space station has received warnings about outrageous alien forces trying to take over the Math Blaster Academy! They are headed our way, and the space station is experiencing hits by a lot of debris!

Have your children been in the Space Port when, all of a sudden, red lights started flashing and emergency horns started blaring? It’s the call of duty for all cadets to help protect the station from enemy forces trying to make their way onto the spaceship! Red Alert signals high priority for immediate action so hear our call cadets and help us stop them from approaching!

When the emergency alarm goes off, tell your children to lead their Blaster cadet into one of the three RED ALERT portals to play a fun shooting game. They can utilize their Math Blaster training by blasting meteors and asteroids to keep the space station out of harms way.

The Red Alert will only sound off in the Space Port, so caution your cadet children to be on the alert! Cadets with the highest scores will be listed on the Red Alert Top Scores board for the entire Blaster Academy to see!

What is your cadet’s Red Alert high score?

38 Responses

  1. what do u even mean?

  2. My daughters Margaret ( 8 yrs) and Julie ( 4 yrs) enjoy MB alot. But they saw this post and whenever there is a red alert the post tells them to play the game but they go to the nearest red alert door that’s what the person that warns you tells you to do but this post says you have to play the game. Now Julie and Margaret are very confused. What is the thing they are supposed to do when there is a red alert??
    Please Respond!!

    • Hi, Clara – The Red Alert doors only open when the spaceship is under attack, so Margaret and Julie will have to hurry to the doors when the Red Alert alarm sounds in order to play the game and save the space station!

    • how do i get to that game? i would love to play the reason i am asking is because i just signed up yesterday so i do not know where any thing is at. lol

      • Hi Jacob! Red Alerts are completely random and can occur in the Space Port at any time. When a Red Alert happens, red lights will start flashing and emergency horns will start going off. When that happens, head to the nearest Red Alert portal to help protect the space station from meteors and asteroids. If you’d like to participate in a Red Alert, just be sure to keep an eye out when you’re in the Space Port!

  3. wow

  4. mathblaster how come i never got my score on the red alert high score bourd.

    • Hi Taylor, your red alert score has to be one of the top scores of all the Blasters to be published on the board. Keep playing and practicing to achieve a top score!

      • my score was high enough to be on the board but wasn’t there.

      • Hello Jack DarkVortex, we apologize for that! Keep on playing and trying to get the top scores, and if you continue to see that problem, let us know again and we will try and see what is going on. For now, I will send your concern over to our team! Keep on having fun and learning as you play Math Blaster!

  5. The first time it happend I was scared so my B.F.F. helped me! But if I need training can I train or does it just happen?

    • Hi, Kaia – Red Alert happens whenever the Stace Station is in danger and needs your help. So whenever you hear the alert, just do your best. With your help and that of all your B.F.F.s there is nothing to worry about. Just get your practice in whenever you hear the alert!

  6. I was in the Math Academy and it sounded is it a glitch or is normal?

    • Hi Kaia – Don’t worry, that’s normal! Max recently added Red Alert to the Math Academy. That way, your blaster can help keep the Space Station safe even when they’re not in the main Space Port.

  7. I was wondering if I am in my room and my friend says there is a red alert can I go through a secret door in my room?

    • Thanks for playing, Kaia Cox! At any time there is a Red Alert, you can just go through the door that shows up to participate. So next time you see one, go for it!

  8. i timed the red alerts and it happens at every five minutes so say is 11:51 the read alert will happen and the same thing at 11:56

    • Hi lana, and thanks for playing Math Blaster! Good job figuring out when the enemies come to attack and sharing with your fellow Blasternauts.

  9. well every 5 minutes 45 seconds you have 15 seconds to get to the red alert doors before they close if im right wich i think i am

  10. my mstake its every 5 minutes 55 seconds

  11. I think there is a glitch after a red alert is done another one starts what is wrong?

    • Hi, Kaia. If there is another Red Alert immediately after, you may want to check your browser’s cache and clear it. Red Alerts usually come again in another 5 minutes to allow for Blasters who missed the first one to join in and help defend the Space Port. We hope this helps!

  12. I won’t MB!😉

  13. […] back. They’ve cared for and cleaned your Mutts while you were out saving the Space Port during Red Alerts and beating those menacing alien bosses in HyperBlast. Now is your chance to pay them back! Give […]

  14. I’m in the top scores!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Dear MB, I am a rank 15 and i got awarded the space patrol boots but now for some reason they are gone but im still rank 15, Any help?

    • Hello Josh! We saw your follow up comment and we are glad that your issue got resolved. Please let us know if you have any more questions or comments! Keep on learning and having fun as you play Math Blaster!

  16. Nevermind my boots are back, did you guys do that?

    • Hello Josh! We are glad that your issue got resolved. Please let us know if you have any more questions or comments! Keep on learning and having fun as you play Math Blaster!

  17. I had to restart my PC and didnt lose anything on MB thank goodness but I didnt see my mutt where it is usally

    • Hello Blaster! We are so glad that you didn’t lose anything in Math Blaster! Could you give us a little more detail about your question? We want to help you as best as we can. Thank you very much, and please let us know of any other details, questions, or comments you might have!

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