What’s Your Child’s Favorite Part of Math Blaster?

Since the launch of the Math Blaster spaceship two weeks ago, your children have been working hard and putting their math skills to use to become part of the elite forces in the Intergalactic Space Patrol. We hope your kids have had some time to explore Math Blaster, and we want to know what they think! What is your child’s favorite part of Math Blaster?

Have your kids blasted through the high-speed tunnel to defeat alien math robots in HyperBlast Training?

Have they been able to shoot and destroy the rapidly approaching meteors in Zapper Turret Training?

Have your kids taken action during a Red Alert to help save the space station by playing the fun shooting game to destroy harmful debris?

Or do they simply like to sit and relax in the Ready Room to enjoy a Blaster video?

Which game are they playing the most? Do they enjoy watching the Blaster videos in the Ready Room? What other activities and games would your child like to have in Math Blaster? Let us know!

3 Responses

  1. I like the Ready Room

  2. i like zapper.

    • Hello Blaster! We are so glad that you lover the games in Math Blaster. Keep on playing, and keep on learning and having fun!

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