Are Your Kids Ready to Climb the Ranks? Time to Reach For the Stars!

Max has recognized all the hard work your Cadets have been dedicating to Math Blaster Training, and he is looking to promote Blaster Cadets who have shown consistent progress in the Academy. In recognition of your kids’ time and effort spent in training, Blaster Cadets are being awarded achievements.

By taking a look at your child’s bPad, then navigating to achievements, you can access the list of achievements Blaster Cadets are eligible to receive.

The bPad is located on your child's molecular modulator.

Click on an achievement category and it will tell you how much more training your kids need to do to earn that achievement.

Are your kids excited to earn these prestigious awards? Encourage them to keep training and they will eventually gain all these achievements and more! Through completing achievements, Blaster Cadets are awarded merits. If your kids earn enough merits, they’ll be promoted to commanding levels in the ISP by Max himself! What is your child’s favorite achievement category?

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  1. Exactly where is the facebook like button ?

  2. […] pod and care for their mutt and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. Or, check out your bPad’s achievement tab and find out ribbons and trophies you are close to earning! Each one you get will bring tons of […]

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