Have Your Kids Met Monty Yet?!

Monty is the newest addition to Math Blaster’s Team of Intelligence. He is made out of a super secret material called Intelly Jelly. But shhh! It’s what makes him so smart! Make sure to tell your kids it’s a secret that only Blasters can know about. All your children have to do is click on Monty and he will tell them everything he knows!

Monty knows facts about anything and everything your child could imagine. Your child can learn countless facts about planets, worms, seaweed, squirrels, and much more! As a matter of fact, our Math Blaster Head Division needs the answer to this question: How many golf balls are sitting on the moon? We need your kids to ask Monty so they can relay the answer back to Math Blaster’s Blog Center.

Can your kids help us? Have them go meet Monty!

8 Responses

  1. 3 golf balls are on the moon

  2. Dear MB,
    I was playing Alien Wrangler, when it showed me the promotion video twice. But instead of getting promoted, it demoted me from level 3 to level 2. Please help.
    Thanks, Christopher

  3. Monty does not tell me.


  5. hi mb im stuck on jumpstart level 8 and math blaster rank 3 how can i gain a level and rank quicker? please help

    • Hi Kaylee, playing learning games on JumpStart and Math Blaster is the fastest way to move up the levels and ranks! Play more learning games every day to become a more prestigious Blaster!

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