Galaxy Grand Prix Sneak Peek

Greetings! The Intergalactic Space Control has received word that a new, exciting game is coming to Math Blaster! Soon, your kids will be able to head on over to the race track for Galaxy Grand Prix! Blasters will have the opportunity to not only race other cadets, but also to build their own tracks!

Galaxy Grand Prix will tap into your child’s creative and analytical skills as they challenge themselves with various opportunities to save the galaxy!

Your kids are sure to have a blast while racing other cadets around space. There are three popular activities that your kids are sure to enjoy!

Race alone or against other cadets.

Cadets will have a chance to choose a track and then race other cadets to the finish line! They will also have the chance to select the boat they want to ride in.

Choose a track to race on that a fellow cadet personally designed!

Your kids will also have the opportunity to race other cadets on tracks that were built by cadets!

The track builder offers a simple, effective way for your child to build their own track!

Lastly, your kids will have the opportunity to explore their own imaginations by creating a race track of their own. Afterward, they can even invite their friends onto the track to race. Pretty awesome!

We are very excited about the upcoming release of Galaxy Grand Prix. Are your kids excited to hop in the driver’s seat?

25 Responses

  1. When will it be out and do not just say ” its coming soon” PLEASE

  2. How much more time (from now) until it is out?

  3. Wait, joey’s comment was today so my last comment is answerd

  4. Hi, we are level seven, but our outfit isn’t changed from a level three outfit.. there’s nothing different really, except the blaster thing on our arm, but it keeps saying that it upgraded our uniform.

    Why doesn’t it look different?

    • As you move up into the higher levels, more and more pieces of your uniform will change. For now, your arm band should have changed colors. Keep playing though, and you should start to see more changes!

  5. now how much time util it is out from now I am so happy but I am sick

  6. Looks nice.😀 Can’t wait to try it.

  7. dear math blaster,

    what date start the galaxy grand prix on math blaster.

    • We’re excited that so many of you are looking forward to this new game! It should be released soon!

  8. So,uh,what date will it be released?

  9. Now how much time util it is out from now I am so happy but I’m sick

  10. come on

  11. Hey! A week has passed and it is not released!

  12. when will it be do not just say it is coming soon

  13. This is awesome! I show this to all the sevies that I teach and they LOVE it! Keep the fun games comin’!

  14. Seventh Grade

  15. yay its here

  16. its like ship wreck lagoon on jumpstart

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