New Additions To B-Force Blaster!

Do your kids love the B-Force Blaster game on Math Hopefully they have been training hard, because there are new obstacles, a Red Planet Level and a Head to Head Challenge, which will definitely test their blasting skills!

Have your kids check out the new additions to B-Force Blaster!

Objective: Try to hit the fireballs

Not only do your kids have to help Math Blaster Heroes by zapping the aliens and targets, they have to venture onto the new Red Planet and zap the mysterious moving fireballs. This is an important assignment, because these Fireballs are hard to hit! But if your kids are successful, their Blaster will be awarded 300 points! And make sure they remember that more points in games like this mean more merits, which help them rank up in the ISP!

Can your child compete with the best?

Your kids should head to B-Force Blaster to show off their skills. Your child will have to try to out-zip-and-zap their fellow blasters. Are your kids ready to take on the new Head to Head and Red Planet Challenges?

7 Responses

  1. best game ever!!!!

  2. i love it already

  3. […] B-Force Blaster: Blasters race to hit as many targets as possible in the time given. Your kids might even end up on the High Scores Board! Hit the targets and try to get a high score! […]

  4. i dont know how to get on it

  5. okkaay?

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