The Best Galaxy Grand Prix Tracks Built By Blasters!

Most of your kids are familiar with the game Galaxy Grand Prix, the fastest galactic racing game ever! Your kids are able to race and rate tracks created by their fellow Blasters, and the Blasters have wisely chosen the top three tracks. Did you know that your kids can see the top-rated tracks at any time?

Right now, the #1 rated track is Dark Space Loop, created by Isabella LightSky! It’s an awesome track with crazy obstacles that can stop racers in their tracks. So if your kids are ready for a challenge, tell them to try this track.

Dark Space Loop

The #2 rated track is Bolide Horizon Node created by Elizabeth BlasterAlien! If your kids like surprises, they should definitely race on this track. There are crazy turns and you never know if there is going to be a road block or a speed boost just around the corner.

Bolide Horizon Node

The #3 rated track is Dark Gravity Explosion created by Jayden StrongZapper! This track will definitely test your kids driving skills because it is filled with blasting obstacles that would force even veteran Blasters to swerve out of the way!

Dark Gravity Explosion

Parents, please tell your kids congratulations for creating such great and challenging tracks for all the other Blasters to use and enjoy! We want them to keep the creativity coming! Have your kids created or rated Galaxy Grand Prix tracks yet?

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