Sneak Peek: Monster Morph

Update: Monster Morph is now called Morph Madness.

What is this strange creature? It is a Monster Morph! In this new game coming to soon to, monsters can be created by collecting DNA sequences to put into the secret formula. If your children don’t have enough DNA sequences, they can be collected outside the lab. Your children will need plenty of them if you want to create more scary creatures.

The experiment book will show your children exactly what measurements to put into the formula. They need to be careful though – experiments gone wrong will explode on them!

Tell your kids to get ready to see monsters roaming around the space station! Are your children ready to morph their friends into monsters?

18 Responses

  1. is this game kind of like windy hollows in jumpstart?

  2. lookin good! so far, we are having a “blast” exploring the different aspects of these games!

  3. hmm just sounds like a windy hollows time thing to me too

  4. what happened?

  5. is it here

  6. i can’t enter the chem lab! help!

    • Hi Mohsin, try again! Monster Morph is now ready to play! Let us know if you still can’t get in!

  7. i have a new morph idea(crazy mixup) you mix up all the monsters you have now and whenever a new morph is added(except this one)you can add it to the monster!

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