Playing with Friends is More Fun!

Do your kids like learning and playing with friends? Two of Math Blaster’s fun games, Galaxy Grand Prix and B-Force Blaster, can be played head-to-head! Your kids can challenge their friends to the highest score or fastest time in these exciting games.

In Galaxy Grand Prix, your kids can join a race against other players, start their own race, or race against BFFs! Your kids can choose the car they want and then are off racing through the galaxy! Whoever finishes with the shortest time wins the match!

Your kids can choose their favorite spaceship to race with!

Racing against friends is much more exciting!

In B-Force Blaster, your kids can also start a match, join a match, or play against BFFs! Whoever hits the most targets with the highest number of points wins!

Once both Blasters are ready, the blasting begins! If your kids get the highest score, they win the match!

Do your kids like playing head-to-head against Blaster friends?

4 Responses

  1. When is Monster Morph coming out? Hurry up!😄

    • It’ll be out soon! Make sure to keep an eye on the Math Blaster blog and we’ll let you know when it comes out!

  2. i wanna play what your plaing

  3. […] your kids start racing their friends in Galaxy Grand Prix or HyperBlast today by sending out an invite! A little friendly competition might be just what they […]

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