Monster Morph is Here!

Update: Monster Morph is now called Morph Madness.

Calling all creative Blasters! Have your kids ever wanted to create something of their own to share in the Intergalactic world? If so, then they will enjoy our newest addition, Monster Morph! In this game, cadets will become Math Blaster scientists by mixing the right chemicals to create morphs!

Blasters can enter the Morph Lab to learn more about how to create a morph.

All of the ingredients that your kids collect will be displayed here.

To create a morph, Blasters must first enter the Morph Lab, where they can select from a list of pre-designed morph experiments. Then, Blasters will be able to leave the Morph Lab and search for the ingredients necessary to complete the experiment and create the morph.

Math Blaster scientists can click through the book of morphs, which will display the ingredients needed to create it.

Once your child has found one of the ingredients, they can run over it in order to collect it.

Once Blasters have collected all of the ingredients, they can go back into the Morph Lab and add them to the special pot using the measuring tools. Once everything is added, they can click the ‘mix’ button – if the DNA is correct, a morph will appear! Blasters should be careful, though, because adding the wrong ingredients will result in an exploding experiment!

Ingredients can be found on all levels of Monster Morph. Encourage your kids to search high and low!

Blasters add all of the ingredients into the pot and - Poof! - a new morph is created.

What do your kids think of Monster Morph? What’s their favorite part?

5 Responses

  1. hi mathblaster I can not find the moster moph where is it

  2. what time it start.

  3. how do you shoot?

    • Hello Blaster! Could you give us a little bit more detail about your question? Are you talking about specific game, like Zapper, B-Force Blaster, or HyperBlast? Please let us know any more detail you could give us, because we would be more than happy to assist you.
      Thank you!

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