What Do Your Kids Think of Monster Morph?

Update: Monster Morph is now called Morph Madness.

Recently, the Monster Morph portal of the Math Blaster Spaceship opened, and we hope that your kids have had a chance to start morphing their fellow Blasters! Monster Morph is a game where Blasters are challenged with the opportunity to create their own Morphs. Blasters assume the role of MB Scientists in which they take on the task of selecting a pre-designed morph to create and then finding the right ingredients to birth that morph. All of the ingredients are located right outside of the Morph lab.

Finding DNA

Blaster cadets will be able to search all over the correct ingredients needed for their morph.

Once all of the ingredients for the DNA have been found, Blasters are to head back into the Morph Lab and add them into the special pot using measuring tools. If the DNA is correct, a morph will appear! However, if the wrong ingredients are added, the experiment will explode; and blasters will have to start over.

Blown Up Experiment

The wrong ingredients will result in a blown-up experiment!

Have you kids had a chance to explore Monster Morph? We would love to hear what your kids think of the game! What does your child think of Monster Morph? What is your kid’s favorite part of the game?

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