Sneak Peek: Monster Mutts

The Intergalactic Space Patrol has just discovered that some aliens have left their larvae here for Blasters to raise! These aliens and their larvae come from far away planets, and it will be a while before the aliens return. In the meantime, it is up to all Blasters to take care of the larvae.

The Grubble

The Grubble is just one of the new species your child can raise!

There is an Monster Mutt Rescue Dome currently being set up by the Intergalactic Space Patrol for these larvae to grow and flourish. If a Blaster visits the Larva Den within this area, they may leave with a new larva friend. These larvae are very loyal creatures and will keep following the Blaster they have chosen to be their friend.

The Ickasaur

This species of alien is called an Ickasaur.

These larvae will later grow up to become fully grown monster mutts. They will be able to explore the entire Space Station with your kids! The ISP is working hard to complete the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome soon so that your kids can check out these new species.

The Eye-Clops

The Eye-Clops could become your child’s new best friend.

What does your child think of these monster mutts?

21 Responses

  1. When will it come out? (Don’t say it’s coming soon, that confuses me.)

    • Hi, Sienna – We’re not quite sure how long it will take for the ISP to build the tools you need or for the monsaurs to get settled in, but we promise to let you know as soon as the creatures are ready to raise!

  2. And that grubble is really cute. Math Blaster, there should be a hall of fame like in Jumpstart.

    • What a great idea! We’ll beam your suggestion to the ISP to see if they can build something like that for you. In the meantime, make sure you check out the leaderboards located throughout the space station to see who’s blasting off in all of the different games!

  3. Max, did you get my Fanmail message about the Pureye larvae? Please put in MB!

  4. can you give a close date?

    • Hi Mohsin! Unfortunately, we’re not sure when the ISP will be done completing the Monsaur Rescue Dome. They’re working as quickly as they can though, so hopefully it will be done soon! Make sure to keep checking the Math Blaster blog for any updates.


  6. do you when yet?

  7. The Grubble is so adorable!!!!!!!! I am so gonna raise it!!!!!! Thanks for inviting it to MathBlaster!!!!!!!

  8. Agrees with Megan

  9. Agrees with Sienna

  10. is it later today? yahoo!
    sorry, just got a little carried away.

  11. Max, it’s importan not to say it’s coming soon cause that confuses our math blasting brains.

  12. Sorry for the typo lol

  13. i can not get a laver. help!

    • Hi Alexi! Are you looking for a larva to raise? If so, you’ll be able to get one by heading over to the monster mutt rescue and entering into the larvae den. Larva tend to choose their blaster at random, but if you stand close enough to the one you want, it might just choose you. Try it out and if you have any more questions about getting a larva, Max would be more than happy to help you out. Thanks for playing!

  14. The person keeps telling me my Monster Mutt is in the dorms but I can’t seem to either find the dorms or enter them in the area I think they are in. Can anyone help me

  15. Cute!

  16. i have all 3 mutts now MAX and GC

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