What’s Your Child’s Favorite Monster Morph?

Update: Monster Morph is now called Morph Madness.

Monsters have been spotted roaming the space station, leaving trails of slime everywhere they go! The Intergalactic Space Patrol has been following these strange monsters, but then one day they saw the monsters turn into… Blasters? It seems quite a bit of Blasters have taken up chemistry. They have been mixing up chemicals and transforming unsuspecting Blasters into hair-raising monster morphs!

With so many chemicals and many types of DNA to mix up there are lots of different monster species your child can create. Which one is your child’s favorite to mix up?

Squidnerd Experiment

This giant squid is meant for the deepest caves in the darkest oceans. He might not be able to see very well, but his tentacles make for great feelers.


Is the Squidnerd Experiment your child’s favorite?

McWaddles Experiment

The list of hard to find ingredients makes McWaddles the trickiest monster morph to mix up. But the result is well worth all of your child’s hard work, because McWaddles is just about the sweetest monster around.


The McWaddles Experiment is the trickiest to mix up. Does your child like a challenge?

Gleek Experiment

Gleek is one monster that will be around the space station for a very, very long time. He is made with six strands of Infinite DNA so he just might live forever.


How about the Gleek Experiment? Does your child like his enormous eyes?

John Claw-ed Experiment

With two strands of Lovely DNA this monster is by far the cutest of all of the monster morphs. He’s so cute that Blasters might want to stay a monster for good.

John Claw-ed

The John Claw-ed Experiment is the loveliest monster around. Is he your child’s favorite?

Rowdy Vanknuckle Experiement

Rowdy Vanknuckle is one mischievous monster. He stomps around the space station causing chaos wherever he goes. Watch out, he’s coming your child’s way!

Rowdy VanKnuckle

Maybe your child’s favorite is the Rowdy Vanknuckle Experiment.

These creepy monsters are some of the scariest things walking around Math Blaster. Scary, but loads of fun to mix up! Which Monster Morph do your kids like to mix up the most?

4 Responses

  1. Maybe the Gleek!

  2. Hi Um i was just saying why cant you make any of the blaster cadets go into space and have adventures like on planet gompa

  3. I’m bored of waiting to raise a larvae! Make it as quick as you can!

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