What Do Your Kids Think Of B-Force Blaster?

B-Force Blaster

Last week, we announced the arrival of a new feature in B-Force Blaster: the ability to taunt or cheer on your opponent! Your children’s Blasters can taunt their competition with quotes like “You got schooled!” or cheer with their friends by saying things like “Champion!”. They just need to decide what they want to say and click on that quote button on either side of the screen to talk to their challenger mid-game! Have your children tested it out yet? What do they think of this new B-Force Blaster feature? What else would they like to say? We want to know their thoughts!

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8 Responses

  1. how many more days in till moster mutts come out!!! because I am wored about them!!! that they not going to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Joey! Don’t worry, the Monster Mutts are definitely coming soon. It’s just taking the ISP a little longer to make sure everything is set up for all the Blasters who want to adopt a Monster Mutt of their own.

  2. ok thank you

  3. This update on B-Force is NOT a good idea. Taunting other kids can make them angry, sad, or even cry. Please put B-Force Blaster back to normal right away.

    • Hi, Sienna – We’re sorry you don’t like the addition we made to B-Force Blaster. At Math Blaster, we think hard-working Blasters should be rewarded and complimented. Is there anything nice you would like to say to the people you are playing against?

  4. “Good game”, “Good luck”, “Your an epic shooter”, “Wow I wish I was as good as you”. That’s what I wanna say.

  5. As that. So they can’t because at Math Blaster, they think hard-working Blasters should be rewarded and complimented.

  6. Correct

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