What Do Your Kids Think Of Monster Mutts?

Larva Den

Have your children had a chance to adopt a new larva friend? If not, make sure they head over to the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome to have an opportunity to raise a Grubble, Ickasaur, or Eye-Clops. When they arrive, have your children head to the Larva Den and out of all the larvae in there, the perfect ones will pick your children’s blasters to attach itself to!


Make sure your children take their larva to the Incubator so that it grows and your children can discover which of the three types of Monster Mutts, the larva will grow up to be. If your children want their larvae to grow faster, make sure they keep the levels in the Incubator in the green zone. Larvae need the perfect conditions in order to grow quickly! Once the larva gets out of the Incubator, it will be a Monster Mutt child.

Monster Mutt Eating

These Monster Mutts can be taken to the Scrubber to be cleaned, or the Crib Bot, if they need a nap. Be sure to have your child play, feed, and take care of their new Monster Mutt friend if they’d like it to grow even more! Once the Monster Mutt grows a little more, your child can play fun games like Snatch It or Hide-N-Seek.

Snatch It

Once your children’s Monster Mutts get older, they can enter the Training Center to learn cool tricks. These tricks can be used during a Monster Mutt Face-Off, where your child’s mutt will compete against another mutt. Who will emerge victorious?

Two new planets have also been discovered, Blizzard and Avatarus. Once your children’s Monster Mutts have become adults, your children can release their mutts to go back to their home planets. Your children can visit them anytime they want on these planets!

What do your children think of the Monster Mutts? What type of Monster Mutt do they have? Have they explored all these different areas?

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70 Responses

  1. My daughter has a Grubble but can’t seem to get it clean. She has put it through the Scrubber many times. It still has a mottled black coat. Is this a game glitch or is this supposed to happen?

  2. i love it though i have a problem when i wash my pet it never gets clean

  3. I can’t get my pet clean at all, and i have put my pet through the wash a lot. i tried resetting my unity cache, but it didn’t do anything. Why is this happening?

  4. I have reset the web browser and the unity cache twice now. Still no luck. Is there any way math blaster could fix this in the upcoming Mutt Super Power update?

    • Hi Ethan — I’m sorry that you are still having difficulties. We’re currently working on fixing this issue. Thank you for your patience.

  5. i heart math blaster

  6. I love Jumpstart and Math Blaster❤

  7. My son loves it! However he is having problems figuring out how to get his Mutt to be a face off champion? Any help?

    • Hi Andrea — In Face Off, certain moves that the Monster Mutt makes, can beat other moves. While you are in the Face Off arena, there is a listing of what moves will win when put against other moves. After your son has his mutt perform a trick, it depends on what trick his opponent does, as to who will win the round. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  8. my stepson can’t find his monster. A figure in the game keeps telling him it is sleeping in the dorm and that he has to wake it up. Where is the dorm? How does he wake it up?

    • Hi Victoria — I’m sorry you’re having difficulty finding the dorms. To find it, enter The Park and go to the Training Center. When you enter, to your immediate right and left, there are ramps leading down. Take one of these ramps. When you reach the bottom of the ramp, turn around and there will be a portal for The Dorms. I hope that helps!

  9. people stop asking math blasters to stop the membership thingy
    im a non member on math blasters and i dont complain
    about it…. so ya…. its gettin annoying please dont yell at me
    people im just saying!!!!
    im a kid so ya you shouldn’t yell at me…

  10. My child clicked the wrong planet to release his mutt to. How can we change his mutt’s home planet?

    • Hi Jen – Unfortunately you can’t switch a Mutts home. They’re very loyal creatures and once they find a home it is theirs forever. However, your son can raise a new Mutt and release that one to the home planet he wants!

  11. My child’s grubble has been released to a home planet, but she can’t ride it. When she clicks the ride button, she is told to train it. She has trained it for 3 days. The training level never increases. (always 12 targets). Please help. Thanks!

    • We’re so sorry your daughter is having trouble training her monster mutt, Jen. We are fixing the problem and hope to have your mutt ready to ride very soon.

  12. my daughter has had 4 pets now, released them, and still hasn’t gotten a flying dragon. She’s getting a little tired of hoping for one everytime, and she practices math so diligently that I sort of feel it’s weird she never gets the mutt she’s been longing for since the first time.

    What’s the story? Is there any chance I can ask for a flying dragon for her next mutt? I don’t want her to just get frustrated and give up playing, as the mutts have been a big part of the game for her

    Maja’s dad

    • Hi Andy! Thanks for letting us know about your daughter’s Math Blaster experience. Normally the larva picks the blaster before hatching into a monster mutt. But if you daughter really wants a specific one, have her stay close to it in the larva den and it will most likely choose her! Also make sure she knows that each color of larva is actually a different type of mutt, so she might have to go after a color larva that she doesn’t usually get in order to hatch a Grubble (“dragon”). Have her give it another try with these guidelines in mind and we’re sure that with her Monster Mutt raising ability, she’ll be able to get the Grubble she always wanted! Please let us know if either of you have any other questions. Thanks for choosing Math Blaster for your family!

  13. hi mb team I have a fun time at math blaster but when I want to face off in a battle it loads then says connection lost help me I really want to face off thanks

    • Hi, Brian! Have you tried clearing both your web browser and Unity caches? This is quick, easy, and usually fixes the problem. To clear your web browser cache follow these steps: If you use Internet Explorer (IE), go to Tools -> Delete Browsing History -> click on Temporary Internet Files -> Delete. If you use FireFox, go to Tools -> Clear Private Data -> click Cache -> Clear Private Data. To clear your Unity cache, follow this link, http://www.mathblaster.com/CustomerCare/FAQ.aspx#unity-reinstall, and click the “Clear My Unity Cache” button. We hope this helps!

  14. Hi – I am a non-member, is there any way to clean my larva? It says at the crib bot or scrubber that I have to my morph my pet first before I can clean it. Am I doing something wrong? I have seen a lot of non-members with clean larva who have been playing for a long time. Thank you!

    • Hi Valerie – Unfortunately you are not able to clean your larva as a non-member. We’re not sure why those other players would be able to do that. You can, however, let them nap over in the Larva House located in the Larva Den. It’s like the crib bot, but especially made for our Math Blater larva. Try it out and take care, Blaster!

      • That is kind of unfair… does the larva den clean them at all? I’m confused. I read something about larva being cleaned by the crib bot.

      • Hi, Valerie- At such a young age, larva do not need to be cleaned by their Blasters so there is no need to worry! Your larva should always be squeaky clean.

  15. Hello,

    After our daughters have pestered us for months, we finally signed up to be full members, so that they can have a mutt. She put it to sleep and cannot wake it up. She’s very disappointed. We tried for a *very* long time to wake it up, but to no avail. What gives???!

    • Hi, Brian! To wake your monster mutt up from his nap in the mutt pod, you will first need to visit GC’s mutt pod to get rid of all the space fleas and take care of her mutt. Then, return to your mutt pod to wake your mutt up from its nap.

      • My daughter says thank you very much for answering this! We love Mathblasters and you are awesome for helping us! We have one more question, though. My daughter just got a new mutt, but it’s pink (which she hates). Is there any way to switch it? Or does she have to raise, train, and release before she gets a different one?

        Thanks for your help!

      • Hi, Brian! You can change the color of your monster mutt with a monster mutt color kit. To buy a color kit, go to Mutt Accessories, located in the Park.

  16. We are having difficulties locating my daughter’s mutt. She made one, but every time I try to find her crib pod the game tells me to go find HER crib pod. Are there multiple pods?

    • Hi, Megan- We’re sorry your daughter is having trouble locating her monster mutt. Try checking the mutt pod, located in her Blaster’s room. When you send your mutt to sleep, it is sent here.

  17. Hello! Me again. My daughter wants to know how to get her larva out of the bed! I pressed help and it would not give me any information I needed.

    • Hi, Valerie! Unfortunately, you cannot take a mutt out of its bed while in the mutt pod. When you visit the other places outside of your room though, your mutt will automatically follow you.

  18. i agree with Eric and Rebecca we should have our larva hatch into a moster mutt even if we don’t have a membership. But that doesn’t mean you should stop playing, is there any way to let non members can morph their larva

    • Hi, Savannah- Unfortunately, the only way to morph your larva is to become a member. You are still able to care for your larva the same way you are for a mutt though. They even have their own mutt pod!

  19. max i cant seem to get my mutt in the arena help

  20. Could you please help? My granddaughter has a mutt pet and she cant put it into the crib bot! Can you please tell us what to do. Also the mutt is not growing. How do you get it in the crib bot and is this the reason its not growing?? Please help.

    • Thank you for playing, Brooklyn. To help me better assist you, does your granddaughter have a larva or a full-grown Mutt? You will need to keep playing with the Mutt in order for it to grow. Each Mutt is different and could take up to three consecutive days of play to help them grow. Also, if your granddaughter needs the Mutt to sleep, she can send it back to the Pod. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  21. how do you get your larva out of bed?

    • Hi, Karen! To get your Mutt out of bed, you just have to wake them up from their slumber. Go to your Mutt’s Pod and click on the alarm clock at the top. That will wake it up so you can play with or feed it. After you leave the Pod, it will follow you around again.

  22. my daughter has bought a color kit but doesn’t know how to equip it on her larvae.

    • Hello Tilly! We apologize for any confusion, but color kits are only allowed to be used on mutts! The larva are not affected by the color kits. Please let us know if you have any more questions or comments, and we would be more than happy to help!

  23. My Daughter is trying to get her Mutt to adult level when she plays the face off challenges she only has two of three moves available. Is this a game error or is there a way she can unlock the third move?

    • Hello Dhyana! Thank you for reaching out to us. Has your daughter continued to train her Mutt in the Mutt Training Center? She must train her Mutt for 3 consecutive days in order for her Mutt to gain that specific skill. Please let us know if you have any more questions or comments, and we would be more than happy to help!

  24. how to you sell back a colour kit?

    • Hey Blaster! We apologize, but once a purchase has been made, there is no way to return them! Please let us know if you have any other questions or comments, and we would be more than happy to help you. Keep on learning and having fun as you play Math Blaster!

  25. How many pets can they have? My daughter has 9 – it says she has her last pet released, to go to get new one .. She goes and non comes to her. So is there a limit? Yes, I’ve cleared browser cache…🙂 I’ve checked the incubator … It came out and sad her pet needs released… we released all! We’ve been in larva den, no luck …

    • Hello! Can you please provide us with your user email and kid name? We would be happy to look into this issue for you. Thank you very much, and please let us know of any additional information you can provide!

  26. hi my names shane and i have a mutt thats a dragon and iv had it for a year and wont let me release it

    • Hi Shane. We apologize for the inconvenience. First, is your Monster Mutt fully grown? To check if your Monster Mutt is an adult, click on the icon that shows the different-colored stages to see how old your Monster Mutt is. If it is fully grown, then the red circle should be highlighted. Please let us know if you experience any more difficulties and we’ll do our best to help. Thanks for playing Math Blaster!

  27. hi um math blaster, i have a question how do i use the crib bot? thanks for putting your time in to reading this!

    • Hi, Blaster. The Crib Bot is used for very young Mutts that don’t have a Mutt Pod yet. Since you have a Mutt Pod, you can send your Mutt to sleep there instead. Decorate it to make them feel right at home!

  28. My mutt will not grow what do i need to do been training it for 3days now.

    • Hi Rachel, how are you training your mutt? You will need to give it some more love and care by playing with it, and pamper and feed it!

      • My mutt is at the last stage of becomeing an adult i have tryed everthing but it will not grow ive have cared an played with it constantly an still nothing?

      • Hi Rachel! Have you trained your Mutt to master its special skill? It takes about 4 or so days with pretty thorough training. If you have been at it for about this amount of time and you still have seen no changes, try clearing your Unity Cache here: http://www.mathblaster.com/customercare/faq.aspx . Scroll down and click the button that reads “Clear My Unity Cache.” If this still does not help out with aging your Mutt, let us know and we can look into this issue further.

  29. How do you put the color kit on your mutt once you buy it. My daughter paid twice to have her mutt purple and it didn’t work. We do have a paid membership and she does have a mutt.

    • Hi Anna,

      We are so sorry you are having trouble with your Mutt’s color kit! We would be happy to walk you and your daughter through the process: To apply the color kit you purchased, click on your Mutt and select the “Dress Up” option. Click on the color kit on the sidebar that your daughter wants on her Mutt and then click on the Mutt. Now your Mutt should look stylish in its brand new purple color kit! Let us know if this helps!

  30. Dear mathblasters,

    My son his color kits keep changing into robots, can you tell us why this happens and what we can do to change this?

    • Hi Zoe,

      We are so sorry that your son is having issues with his Mutt color kits and want to fix this right away! This does not seem to be a problem currently affecting other users, so we will need further information to help resolve this issue. Just to be clear, is your son purchasing the correct color kits for his type of Mutt? Purchasing the wrong color kit often makes it appear as if they are not loading into the inventory. Only kits designed for the Blaster’s Mutt will appear in the “Dress Up” feature. Also, would you be able to provide a screenshot of the color kits after they turn into robots? If you could upload it to an image hosting site and send along the link, or send us a PM on Facebook or Twitter with the image attached, it would help us with identifying the issue. Thank you!

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