Unleash Your Child’s Monster Mutt’s Special Skills!

Whizzing through the galaxy on its lightning fast wings, shooting laser beams from its giant eyes, trapping its opponent in a green goo… what special skill does your child’s mutt have? These intergalactic companions each have their own unique ability that will help your child fight off the astronomical evildoers who threaten the ISP. But the Monster Mutts don’t know how to use their skills yet, they need training! G.C. needs your kids to train their mutts and help them discover their special skills.

Tell your kids to grab their mutt and head over to Monster Mutt Training located in the Training Center. Here, Blasters can coach their mutt on using its special skills. Since the Monster Mutts are just learning their abilities, your kids will have to be very patient and practice with their mutts a lot. Make sure your kids keep visiting the Training Center, because each day their mutt will be introduced to a new challenge.

Monster Mutt Training has a new area just for developing the mutts’ special skills. Tell your kids to go check it out!

In Monster Mutt Training your kids will use their B-Force Blaster to hit the green targets. This will help train their mutt on how to use their special skill. Before your kids know it their mutts will be flying and shooting lasers without any help at all!

Your kids will need their B-Force Blaster to hit the green targets!

Your kids can teach their Grubble to fly!

As your kids practice, their mutt will get a little bit stronger and a little bit better at their special skill. All of this training will pay off because it will prepare the mutts for life back on their home planet. The more your kids train their mutts, the closer they will be to shuttling off with their mutt and exploring a whole new world. Monster Mutt Training is just the start of a new adventure for your kids and their mutt.

What do your kids think of their mutt’s special ability?

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17 Responses

  1. just change the membership thing so everyone can raise there own pet

  2. ps i can play club penguin if you dont

  3. monster mutts should have growth meters

  4. I love club pegen but not as much as JUMPSTART AND MATHBLASTER THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. why are they not letting me on jumpstart?

    • i dont know try and email them have you signed up well that is all i can think of but really email them or talk to them on the blog

  6. Dear math blaster i need help teaching my mutt fly but it will never work evrey day it says the same thing i dont know what the matter is

  7. dear math blaster i cant teach my mut to to fly because i have 12 targets every day plz reply a.s.a.p

  8. Dear MathBlaster, you should add houses on here plz reply a. s. a. p. Alyssa Sun

  9. you should add shops and rides and some more things to math blaster


  11. […] tricks then select them by clicking the challenge button. They won’t even be transported to the Battle Arena, they’ll duke it out right there wherever they are in the Space Station! Have your kid try it out […]

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