Check Out Knowledge Adventure’s Newest Mobile Game and Brand!

All you tech savvy or just plain app addicted, listen up – we have something new for you! Knowledge Adventure’s new casual mobile games brand, Twisted Games™, has just released a new app called Beaver’s Revenge™ for the entire family to enjoy! Help the beavers get revenge and save the forest from being destroyed by the lumberjacks!

Beaver’s Revenge™ is an HD app that includes 60 levels, 3 different worlds, 3D graphics, leaderboards and achievements. Players choose one of 6 distinct animals and use the beaver’s tail to send flying through the air aimed at lumberjacks that are ruining the forest in this strategy and physics game. This addicting new app was just released today for Android™, iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch®. Get Beaver’s Revenge for your family today! Just head over to the App Store or Android Market to download this addictive new arcade game!

Help the beavers rain some furry vengeance on those lumbering lumberjacks!

Twisted Games™ has also just released Ice Cube Caveman™ in full and lite versions for iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® and Android™. Help a caveman maneuver a narrow path of tiles to the fire in order to escape his icy fate in this new puzzle game. Find out more about Twisted Games™ at or stay up to date with all the latest Twisted Games™ information by following us Twisted Games™ on Facebook and Twitter!

Navigate these tricky tiles to melt away the ice and save the caveman!

Lumberjacks beware! Papa Beaver saw a lumberjack cutting down his beloved trees. Now he and his furry forest friends are out for . . . Revenge.

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7 Responses

  1. I don’t have an IPhone or an IPad. Stop making those silly mobile apps!

  2. dear math blaster just change the membership thing so everyone can raise their own monster mutt.and you should make rides,let us make are own movies, and make lots more places to go. please reply asap

    • Hi Isaiah! Unfortunately, we cannot change our membership policy at this time. However, Max will definitely take your suggestions into consideration! Keep checking back for info on all of Math Blaster’s new developments. Thanks for playing!

  3. Stop wasting your time making Mobile Apps.

  4. thanks please add my sugestions love math blaster and jumpstart

  5. so can you add my idias

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