There’s No Place Like My Pod!

Soon your kids will have a place to call home in Math Blaster. Introducing, My Pod! My Pod will be your child’s own apartment that they will be able to design with furniture and accessories to look anyway they want! These cosmic chambers will hover around the space station and give your kids a space to relax and hang out with their B.F.F.s.

My Pod

Tell your kids to head to the My Pod portal in the ISP to teleport to their pod.

My Pod will have everything a Blaster needs to take a break from saving the space station and get away from it all. Your kids’ mutts will even have their own special hang out spot in the pod called Mutt Pod. Your mutt will be able to spend time here when your kids are busy fending off galactic enemies from the ISP.

Monster Mutt Pod

Your kids will be able to express their monster mutts' style by purchasing the perfect mutt bed.

We’ve got your kids covered by providing them with a few pieces ISP furniture so they have a place to lay their heads. But if your kids have the decorating bug, they will be able to design their Pods with new furniture, decorations and accessories that express their style! Your kids will be able to buy everything they need at the My Pod Store using Math Blaster’s new currency called Credits.

To design their space, your kids will be able to click on the bed icon on the top of the screen. This will let your kids see all of the furniture they have purchased. They will be able to drop the furniture in their room, move it around and rotate it to fit just where they want it to.

Furniture Options

Your kids will be able to drop in a piece of furniture and move it to the perfect spot.

To purchase more furniture your kids will be able to click the shopping cart on the bottom right side of the screen. This will bring up the My Pod Store, which has lots of options to design and completely personalize your kids’ pods.

My Pod Store

When your kids advance in rank they will be able to unlock more furniture!

Would your kids like a celestial view? Your kids will be able to change their cosmic experience by purchasing a new sky box from the My Pod Store. They will be able to swim with the fishes  or travel to a planet where it’s Halloween all the time . Whichever view your kids want to enjoy they will be able to change it up by purchasing a new sky box.

Ocean Sky Box

Halloween Sky Box

With all of these out-of-this-world options your kids will be able to design their pods however they want.

What do your kids want to put in their pods?

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37 Responses

  1. did you get this from my idea?

  2. is it out?

    • Hi Chris! The Pods are on their way and we’ll be sure to share your excitement with Max! Check back into Math Blaster often for more updates and they’ll be here before you know it. Thanks for playing!

  3. dear mathblaster i dont know where or what ISP is plz reply asap

    • Hi Megon! The ISP is our handy abbreviation for our elite group of blasters known as Intergalactic Space Patrol headed by Max, himself! Once our cadets finish their training at the Academy they are able to join the ISP and help Max defend and explore the galaxy. We hope that answers you question and thanks for playing Math Blaster!

      • How do u finish training???

      • Hi Chris, to finish training you just need to keep playing Math Blaster. Training with Hyperblast, Zapper Turret, and Red Alert help strengthen your blaster into top shape! And with Max keeping an eye out on you cadets, he’ll be sure to let you know when you’re ready to be promoted. So keep working hard at the Academy and good luck, Blaster!

      • Web Player Crashed what do I Do😥😥

      • Hi, Chris GalacticNebula – I’m sorry the game crashed. We are having some problems right now that we are doing our best to fix as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

      • Thank you 4 explaining that to me😀

      • hi mathblaster. when my monster mutt is already sposed to be realeased well its should already been realeased well its not all the way grown when it is sposed to be full grown but its not. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me figure out how to have it full grown

      • Hi Lea! To grow your Monster Mutt into adulthood you have to keep training! Your mutt will not be ready to be released to its home planet until it becomes a face off champion. Max always says that all it takes is a little patience, so keep playing and your monster mutt will be fully matured in no time!

  4. Hey, how can you earn credits?

    • Hi Maya, credits can be earned by playing games that help develop math skills such as B-Force Blaster, Bolt Cruncher and Oozami. Keep playing to get more credits and your pod will be decorated in no time! Let us know if you have anymore question on Math Blaster’s new currency, credits. Good luck, blaster!

  5. do you have to be a member to finish training

  6. can’t you guys make about 2 items for every one,just 2 or 1 items for each catigorie of furniture

  7. It’s not the game it is the web player!!

  8. mathblaster when is it coming out i want it sooooo badd

    • Hi Tiffany! The pods are officially open, so check into the game and get decorating! Enjoy your new pod, blaster!

  9. 😦 hello?

  10. mathblaster i know this is a silly question but can you pleaase lower the price for the pod furniture and stuff
    because it is so hard to get that money
    and its getting really annoying

    • Hi Tiffany! Unfortunately, a price change is not planned for our pod store, but we’ll let Max know what you think. Just keep playing our Math Blaster games and your credits will add up in no time! Save them up to get those great furniture items you want. Thanks for your feedback!

  11. are the pods coming this month or next month mb?????? plz relpy asap

    • Hi Rebecca! Pods are officially open. Check into the game to start decorating your new space! Max and the rest ot the team here at Math Blaster are as excited as you! Be sure to let us know what you think.

      • do you have to be a member to finish training ? plz reply

      • Hi Seth! Members do have more access to our higher training levels, but to know for sure how far you are from moving up in the ranks, select the PDA icon on your toolbar (it should be over on the right hand side). Once the menu opens, click rank and it will show you what your current ranking is and let you know how far you are from that next promotion! Good luck, blaster!

  12. i want to play with math blasters

  13. Where do you buy furniture for your mutts?

    • Hey Sara, thanks for choosing Math Blaster! To decorate your Mutt’s Pod, all you have to do is go to their Pod and click on the decorate icon. It’s the same way you would decorate your Blaster’s Pod too. Hope this helps!

  14. I think you should be able to add more rooms to your Pod.

    • That is a great idea, Queenny! We will make sure to send that idea over to our team. Meanwhile, keep on having fun and learning as you play Math Blaster!

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