Vote for Math Blaster in the 2011 SheKnows Parenting Awards!

Update: The results are in. Math Blaster received 3rd Place in the Best Website for Kids category! Thank you to all those who voted for Math Blaster in the SheKnows Parenting Awards and to SheKnows for this wonderful opportunity!

Do you often find yourself chatting with your kids about “monster mutts,” “red alerts,” “Max,” or “Blaster training?” Then you must be a Math Blaster fan! And Max has some great news for you, parents. has been nominated for a SheKnows Parenting Award!

Vote for in the Entertainment Category’s Favorite “Website for Kids”

Every year, the SheKnows Parenting Award program selects the leading products available to parents in a multitude of categories—from baby gear to eco-friendly gadgets, and everything in between. This year has been honored as one of the top “Website for Kids” in their entertainment category!

We are beyond thrilled to have received the nomination, but now we need the help of Math Blaster fans like you! So spread the word and help support Math Blaster by voting on the official 2011 SheKnows Parenting Awards page. Voting is open to everyone so please let SheKnows know how much you and your kids love Math Blaster’s virtual world of aliens, face-offs, and endless activity! The voting results will be announced on October 31, 2011!

A little background on the SheKnows Parenting Awards: “The goal of the awards is to give SheKnows readers all the information they need to make educated decisions in their everyday lives—particularly when it comes to their kids! Nominated products are reviewed by the SheKnows team of editors and hand-picked for quality, functionality, convenience and more.” –SheKnows

Vote for now!

To support SheKnows’ nomination of for best “Website for Kids” please don’t forget to vote! Take this opportunity to share your love of Math Blaster with parents around the nation! We here at Math Blaster would really appreciate it!

10 Responses

  1. I won’t vote cuz I like both online websites😀

    • Hi, Chris GalacticNebula! If you like both websites, you can vote for both. Once you’ve voted for one of the sites, just refresh the page and then continue to vote for the other. That way you’ll have a single vote for each and the people over at SheKnows will know you’re a fan of both! Try it out. Max and all the team here at Mathblaster would really appreciate it! Thanks for your support, blaster!

  2. Hey jumpstart I just mailed off the dizelidon picture! I think alot of people would like it if the dizelidon was added to math blaster.

    • Hi Amir! We’ll be sure to let Max know to keep an eye out for your dizelidon in the mail. He’s always happy to consider all the cool new ideas sent in from our blasters. Thanks for playing. We can’t wait to see the dizelidon picture!

  3. Can we have more than one Larvae?

    • Hi Jack! It’s great to see you so very excited for your larva, but Max has made sure that each blaster is only able to care of one larva at a time. It takes a lot of work to grow one into a monster mutt and train it into adulthood! However, once your larva has fully matured into an adult monster mutt, you do have the option of releasing your mutt back to its home planet. After doing that you will be able to retrieve a new larva and raise a new monster mutt. Enjoy your larva while you can, blaster; they’ll be monster mutts in no time.

  4. Also i was thinking, that, well, just maybe you could add calendar to ourplayer and make your own holidays, like free membiership day

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