Math Blaster Parties Make Every Day a Celebration!

Blasters have been busy enjoying the new Math Blaster party options, throwing everything from birthday parties to house-warming parties in their pods. With all of the party themes, times and decorations available in the Party Store, there is always a reason to celebrate in Math Blaster.

Have your kids thrown a Pod Party, yet? Tell them to head to the Party Store to get started. All they need to do is click on the Credits Counter and then click on the balloons icon to enter the Party Store. Throwing a party is the perfect way for your kids to ramp up the number of visitors to their pod and meet new Blasters from across the ISP.

Your kids can throw a party to celebrate their special day!

Are your kids more of the party-going types rather than the host or hostess? To join a Blaster’s party, have them head to the Party Board outside My Pod or join one straight from the Home Page. Whether your kids want to throw some parties of their own or just party hop, this is the perfect opportunity for them to get out there and celebrate with other Blasters!

What do your kids think of the Pod Parties?

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  1. […] and fireworks. Even if you’re not in the United States, celebrate with Math Blaster and throw a party in your Pod! Caption: Party with the planets, throw one in your Pod […]

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