Learn and Earn to Customize Your Kid’s Math Blaster Experience!

Have your kids been looking for new ways to earn even more credits to customize their gaming experience? Then be sure they know that “Risk It” is on its way to Math Blaster. This arcade style math game will be the best way to learn and earn in the newly designed Math Academy!

Have your kids stopped by the newly designed Math Academy?

Is your Blaster ready to risk some of their credits?

The more math practice your kids’ Blasters have, the better! Playing “Risk It,” they’ll have to put their brain to the test and be ready to risk a few credits to earn some big rewards. Before each question, your child will have to choose to either “bank” the credits they’ve earned or, “let it ride” for the chance to increase their earning potential. The more confident they are in their math skills, the better their chance to earn credits. Questions will range by level, with subjects including: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, measurements, place values, and money management.

Questions will cover a range of different math lessons.

Bank it or Let it Ride!

When “Risk It” finally arrives, you’ll want to send your kids up to the Math Academy’s 2nd floor to start playing. Until then, be sure to check back with us, here at the blog or at www.MathBlaster.com, to see if “Risk It” is ready for your brainy Blasters!

Ultimately, the more credits your child’s Blaster has in the Math Blaster virtual world, the more options they’ll have to customize their game. From room décor to mutt accessories and character features, there is so much that your kids can customize in Math Blaster. And the more your kids train and play, the faster they’ll move up in I.S.P. Rank, so be sure they know that the more they learn, the more they’ll earn!

Are your kids excited for “Risk It?” Max would love to know what they’ll be buying with all their credits, so let us know!

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