New Furniture Has Arrived!

Are your kids still looking for that perfect piece of furniture to spruce up their Blaster’s room? Or do they happen to have a few extra credits to spare? Let them know that a few fun new furniture pieces have floated over to the space station. Now they’ll have even more items to choose from in the My Room Store!

Knowing the members of this Blaster Corps, we can only imagine that your kids’ have some out of this world decorating skills, so be sure they don’t miss out on these cosmically cool additions! They’ll even be able to earn a few achievements for decorating their rooms or visiting their B.F.F.s

Check them out and let us know what you and your kids think of the latest additions to the My Room Store!

5 Responses

  1. wow the only thing i can SAY IT WOW!

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  3. This is really going to make my sons day as he loves playing the Math Blaster and takes great pride in completing and getting high scores for the worksheets, and I have to say I can see his math improving at school too, he even got 2 gold stars last week! His pod is better decorated than our house and provides him with hours of fun and entertainment.

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