Your Mutts Will Love You!

Everyone gets excited for a new toy, and that includes your kids’ Blasters and Mutts. Check out the new Monster Mutt Space Disc! Your kids will have an out of this world time throwing it back and forth with their Monster Mutts! To join in on all the fun, have your kid head over to the Mutt Accessories cart in The Park.

Pick a Space Disc that matches your Monster Mutt, or pick them all! No matter which one you choose, your Blaster and Monster Mutt will have an out of this world experience!

See how the Mutt can’t keep his eye off of the new toy? It’s because it’s super excited to start playing with your kids and their Blasters! Have them take it for a, spin, today!

2 Responses

  1. I have a complaint, today when went into MathBlaster I saw that I got another star and then it asked me if I wanted to go into my pod/room to se the star on the star chart and I hit yes but when I got in to my pod/room it asked me to put more furiture in my room and showed me how like I am new in the game but the truth is im not new to the game I have been playing MathBlaster for almost two years please please stop this from happening it has been getting on my nerves ever since.

    .ps. How do you change the little picture at the side of the comment box?

    • Hi, Beth! Thanks for playing Math Blaster over the years, we hope you have learned a lot and had a lot of fun! I’m sure your Pod is beautifully decorated by now but once you complete this mission, the message will go away. This is a new feature for people who haven’t been lucky enough to play as long as you have to earn Star Points and catch up to the more advanced Blasternauts like you. I hope this helps and thanks again for playing!

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