Outer Space Spring Cleaning: New Items For Your Pod!

The sun is shining brighter and there are more meteors flying through the sky. It looks like Spring has arrived! Now is the time for Blasters to spruce up their personal space and pretty up their pods, so check out the new items available in the My Pod store!

How are you going to decorate? Experiment with all the furniture today!

Your kids Blasters might want to deck out their Pods with some of these new items, so don’t forget to tell them about these out of this world choices. Spring is the season for a fresh start and adding these new pieces will surely bring some more light in. Or was that the sun? Either way, have your kids stop by the store today!

This chair is so comfortable that a meteor shower couldn’t get you out of it.

Do your kids need a spot to store all their space rocks? This dresser will keep everything contained in style.

Researching space or going to http://www.MathBlaster.com, this new laptop can get it all done in warp speed!

Every Blaster needs a satisfying seat when searching the stars. This one even looks good while doing it so add it to your Pod today!

Those aren’t the only pieces so go check out what else is new in the store. Each Blaster has a style all their own that is as unique as the stars they are. Show it off by encouraging your kids to decorate with their own personal flair! There’s no heavy lifting in space either, so be sure they don’t hesitate to pick as many items as they can afford! If they need more credits, send them over to the Math Academy to master some our galactic games.

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  1. […] GC’s picture on it to see the day’s doings from testing skill and agility or redecorating your Pod. With each mission Blasters successfully complete, they will receive credits and experience points […]

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