Attention Blasters: Hyperblast Ready!

Every Blaster’s favorite game is getting an update with even more levels. Get your kids ready to blast their way through some of our menacing math challenges. Whether they need help with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, these math drills will definitely keep math practice fun. Have your kids send their Blasters to the Space Port, where they can blast their way to sum fun!

Math Blaster + HyperBlast = Fun For All!

Check it out now and see your kids’ excitement about math multiply by 10! Are they ready to take on the new levels? Be sue that they know that they’ll be able to access Hyperblast from the main Space Port or by venturing into the Math Academy.

Have your kids select the topic they want to check out

There are even more topics to choose from in Hyperblast. Are your kids up for the challenge? Encourage them to master them all and they’ll be earning more credits than they’ll know what do with.

Can your kids make it past the fractions?

The new bosses have more challenging problems to solve now. Your kids will need to blast their way through the obstacles and levels by choosing the right answers.

Log in to and check it out with your kids today! Max and the rest of the Math Blaster team would love to know what you think of the latest updates to Hyperblast, so send us a comment below.

4 Responses

  1. Where are the updates? PS: I get logged out automatically every 24 hours even when I check remember me.

    • Hi Sadie. The updates are coming soon! This is just a preview of the new features, I hope you’re excited to start playing all the new levels! Also, as a security measure for you, Math Blaster remembers who you are but doesn’t keep you logged in to protect your account. We want to make sure all the Blaster’s accounts are safe!

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