Get Ready For A Different Kind Of Extraterrestrial Ride!

The time has finally come where Blasters don’t have to board a ship to experience the ride of their lives. Now, your kids can ride around the Space Station on their very own Monster Mutts! Have them head over to the Training Center to ensure that their Mutts have the skills they’ll need to transport their Blasters safely through space, or at least the Space Port.

What do you want to do? You want to ride your Mutt!

To get started, your kids will need to click on their Mutt to pull up the action menu and then select “Ride.” But before they hit the road, Blasters need to double check their Mutt’s energy and hunger levels. A Blaster’s Mutt should be part of the mission too, and now they can help out instead of just tagging along. Try it out today! Where will your kids be riding off to? Max loves learning about their favorite Space Port spots.

Make sure you dodge all the obstacles!

In order to ride a Mutt, Blasters will first have to train them everyday to develop the skills they need. Start training Mutts today in the Training Center!

Don't get zapped by the fences! Jump over them to complete the training mission.

Make sure to dodge all of the obstacles and jump over the fences. If the Mutt successfully completes the training, Blasters can ride their Mutts around the Space Station!

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