UFO-OF: Unidentified Flying Object – Of Fun!

Blasters may not know what it is, but they know one thing for sure, and it’s that this new toy for Larva and Mutts is a blast of fun! Available in the Mutt Mart, Larva and Mutts will get a kick out of trying to catch our new Spaceship toy. Blasters can control how near or far to play, allowing the Larva or Mutt to chase it back and forth while still trying to jump and reach it.

Start shopping for this spaceship in the store today!

Pets will love playing with this new toy!

Your kid’s Larva and Mutts will keep trying to board this ship, but they definitely won’t be getting bored! Using the slide bar on the right, your kids will be able to interact with their galactic pets in a fun game of chase the spaceship. Their pets will be totally thrilled when they hear this news!

Have your kids join in all the extraterrestrial excitement by checking out our latest pet toy and letting us know what they think!

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