Blast Your Way Into The New B-Force Blaster Portal!

Now it is easier than ever for Blasters to enter B-Force Blaster! The new portal in the Space Port makes accessing the game easier and faster. Instead of going to the Math Academy Training Center, Blasters can head there as soon as they enter the game. Whether it’s their angles or their aim, your kids can get in some practice and improve their skills. Check it out right next to Max and his Mutt today!

Target practice time! Improve your shooting and math skills in B-Force Blaster today!

Now that playing B-Force Blaster is easier than ever, can your kids get a top score on the scoreboard? Get some shooting and math practice in today and your Blaster will earn top ranks! Navigate through the game with your blaster arm locked and loaded, and see how many targets your kids can get. Their Blaster will need to hit the right answer to get points added to their score!

Head over to Space Port today to see the new portal and let Max know what you think! What’s your kid’s top score?

5 Responses

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  4. How do you get a orange sash?

    • Hello Blaster! Different colored sashes, including the orange one, is available once you continue rising in the ranks of Blaster Academy. Continue playing games, learning and earning achievements so that you can get more options, ranks, and new features on your outfits. Please let us know if you have any further questions, comments or concerns. Thank you!

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