Report To Mission Control For Your Next Challenge From GC!

Your kids Blasternauts are always on the lookout for new missions to master around the Space Port. And if anyone knows a thing or two about finding the perfect astronomical learning adventure for your kids, it’s GC. Check out her newly updated Mission Board with your kids and their blasters today!

Blasters, click on GC on the left to receive your mission! What extraterrestrial expedition will she send Blasters on today?

Now, it’s easier than ever to find these meteorological missions. When your kids enter the space port, they will be greeted by GC, making it more convenient and hassle-free to access and complete her missions. Click on the missions board icon with GC’s picture on it to see the day’s doings from testing skill and agility or redecorating your Pod. With each mission Blasters successfully complete, they will receive credits and experience points as a reward!

You’ll always find GC in the top left corner so finding a mission to do will always be easy.

GC will guide your kids to completing different tasks that will train and teach them to be better Blasters. This is a great new way for Blasters to earn some credits and points to spend on their Pods or Mutts. Which mission have your kids completed? Let Max know what they think of GC’s new mission access panel!

10 Responses

  1. I’ve already completed the missions.

  2. please make gc’s kind of come out, or i will freak out!!!!!!!!!

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  5. My daughter’s monster is in her Mutt Pod. We have spent the last several days trying to find it and can’t. Where is it?

    • Nevermind…of course just minutes after I ask, I figure it out. She will be thrilled to find out that I found him when she gets home from school!

      • Hi, Lynn. We’re sorry we couldn’t help you sooner, but we’re also very glad that you were able to figure it out on your own! We hope she enjoys playing with her Mutt again!

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