Blasters to the Rescue!

One day, Max and GC were blasting through some menacing math problems, when GC suddenly needed some help. She asked Max for some tips, but he wasn’t quite sure how to answer her question. Can Max count on your kid’s Blasters to help him out? The safety of the Spaceport depends on it, so its time to work together with your blasters. Here is the problem GC got from Mission Control. Have your kids take a shot at finding the correct answer!

Max is calling on the help of all Blasters to solve GC’s problem. Are you the star who will shine?

Space Cadet: How many space seconds in a space minute?
Blasternaut: 60
Space Cadet: How many space minutes in a space hour?
Blasternaut: 60
Space Cadet: Good, now for a hard one, how many space seconds in a space year?
Blasternaut: I need GC and Max’s help!

How many space seconds are in a space year? GC and Max need you and your kids to help! Think you’ve got the right answer? Leave a comment below with the right answer with details and GC and Max will reward you with 500 credits for helping them with their math problems!

31 Responses

  1. math blaster here the answer 31,536,000 I am smart hehe

  2. The answer is 31,536,000

  3. 31536000 Seconds in one year.
    60 Seconds in 1 minute.
    60 Minutes in 1 hour.
    24 Hours in 1 day.
    365 days in 1 year.
    365 x 24 x 60 x 60 = 31536000
    Username: Steve BlackHawk

    • Sorry, username is Steve BlackOrbit.

    • Congratulations, Steve! You were the first one to answer with details on how you got the right number of seconds.

      However, you got the literal answer. Does anybody else want to try to guess the answer? Remember, this is a riddle so think extra hard about your answer and how many seconds there are in a space year.

      • Here is my answer, 31,622’400
        because what Steve said but add a day🙂 is this what you want?

      • but basically
        60 seconds in 1 minute
        60 minutes in 1 hour
        24 hours in 1 day
        366 days in 1 LEAP year

  4. 31557600

  5. 31536000

  6. 31557600 seconds

  7. i believe it is 31’536’000 for a normal year
    and 31’622’400 for a leap year. Am I right?

  8. C’mon, Blasters! Try harder! We still need an answer so it’s not too late to guess!

  9. 31536000 space seconds in a space year not counting if its leap year

  10. I got the answer it is 31 556 926 space seconds in a space year.

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  12. No comment huh? Um, is it 555 926?

  13. was i right or wrong

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  15. was i rigt or wrong some body tell me all ready

  16. the answer is 31536000

  17. 31, 556, 926 sec.

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  19. can some one answer me 31536000 space seconds in a space year not counting a space leap year

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  21. ? what is spring training mutt training

  22. 5,184,000 is it this?

  23. 31,536000?

  24. 525’600? (ONLY RESPOND TO THE right one)

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