Ready, Set, Go! Challenge Blasters in Galaxy Grand Prix!

Do you think your kid has the best scores and fastest lap times? Can they hang on to their title as reigning champion? Now, they can challenge their Blaster friends to races and beat their record-holding times. Have your kids give Galaxy Grand Prix a shot today to defend their top honors! Check the Challenges Board in your Blaster’s About Me page to see who’s looking to go head to head with your kids’ best scores and times!

Accept or Ignore challenges from B.F.F.s

Have your kids challenge their Blaster friends after they’ve set a high score

Who will place first in this fast and furious frenzy? Set a high score today and challenge fellow Blasternauts to beat it! Do your kids enjoy playing against their B.F.F.s? Let Max know what they think of the new Math Blaster Challenge Board!

3 Responses

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