Check Out Nebula Knockout!

Another Blaster’s Mutt just stepped on your Mutt’s toes! What are you going to do about it? Head over to Math Blaster’s new Nebula Knockout game to settle the score and let the Mutts go head to head. Pitting Grubbles against Eyeclops and Ickysaurs, Nebula Knockout allows Blasters to earn credits by challenging all their foes to a friendly battle in the Knockout Arena. Have your kids train their Mutts to fight and put their skills to the test in Nebula Knockout!

Kick some Mutt butt and go head to head against Blasters!

Checkout the new portal for Nebula Knockout in the Space Port! Hi, Max!

Get ready and prepare you kids for battle in Nebula Knockout. Blasters enter the ring to duke it out! Let Max know what you think of the new game.

Ever wonder what it’s like to see Space through your Mutt’s eyes? Or, through an Eyeclops eye? In Nebula Knockout, Blasters battle it out and play as their Mutts. So they’re controlling the action and throwing the punches and kicks. To start the battle, have your kids use “A” for punching, “S” for kicking and don’t forget “D” for their special powers! The arrow keys will move your kid’s Mutt around the arena while the Spacebar will have them jumping out of the way of danger.

Hit them high, hit them low. Don’t forget to block those deadly deathblows though!

See if your kid can get a high score by winning the best out of 3 matches. That’s all it takes to beat other Mutts, but be prepared for a fight, literally. After beating their opponent, your Blaster’s mutt will earn credits for being top space-dog. After fighting such a great battle, you kids might want to use those credits toward a great snack for their Mutt in the Mutt Mart. Throw a dog a bone, eventually we all need a break!

Who’s the champion of Nebula Knockout? Got what it takes to take on the best? Let Max know what you think of the new battle game!

25 Responses

  1. Nebula Knockout looks a bit too violent. We want only good Rolemodels.🙂

    • Nebula Knockout is not focused on being violent but rather it is part of a Mutt’s strength training so that they will be ready for anything when defending the Space Station. Apologies if you were offended.

      • the mutts in nebula knockout mock me because of their look and color kits please make them avalible

      • Hi, Jasmine — Mutts are good mannered creatures, I can assure you they are not mocking your or anybody else. Feel free to visit the Mutt Mart and pick out a different color kit for your Mutt if you’re looking for some new style. As of right now, those other color kits are not available yet. Thanks again for your feedback and we hope you enjoy dressing up your Mutt.

  2. Math Blaster, please don’t add this, hitting and kicking are bad roles. This is a kids game. Good rolemodels only please! – Sadie🙂

    • Hi, again, Sadie – As we mentioned before this new game feature is focused on strength training for your mutt. All the fighting in the knockout arena is in good fun and is just a little friendly competition between Blasters. Remeber that we still have a ton of other games that you can play, if you’re not a big fan of Nebula Knockout! As always, thanks for the feedback.

      • those new mutts i want like that bird and those color kits, so MAKE THEM AVAILIBLE!!!!!!!!! from Jasmine

      • NO!!! DON’T DELETE NEBULA KNOCKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. can u make the mutts in nebula knokout (like the griffen thing and that kind GC has) avalible to everyone. Because that griffen thing is sooooooo cute!

  5. plus, i thnk nebula knock out is the best game u ever made on math blaster! thnx 4 making it!


  7. […] out the new option to add a player to your B.F.F. list after you’ve battled them in games like Nebula Knockout. It’s as easy as that! After you’ve battled them, a menu will pop up to add them to your circle […]

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  9. is there a secret to beating the mutts in the hard level??????????????

  10. I love neblua knockout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for adding this game!!!

    • Ps. I love math blaster

      • Math Blaster loves you, Hannah! We’re so glad to have you as a fan. Make sure you check us out on Facebook for all the latest news and contests too!

  11. I love nebula nockout but when my griffin got to purple my surperpower is totly useless.

  12. But nebula nockout is stil the best game ever in mathblaster!

    • Hey, Bryce!
      Thanks for playing Nebula Knockout! It’s great to hear that you like the game. We gave your feedback about the purple belt super power to our Math Blaster team and we’ll be sure to inform you if the super power changes. For now, we’re sorry that you’re not satisfied with it and hope that you continue to enjoy the other aspects of Math Blaster!

  13. Max i have cared for both Scaly Scientist and Dustin Beacker

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