Time To Face Off!

Ever see a Mutt looking at you the wrong way and want to do something about it, but you’re feeling too lazy to make it all the way to the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome’s Battle Arena? Now, your kid can just click on the Mutt and challenge them to a face off battle, right then and there! With our latest game update, Blasters will be interacting like never before and their Mutts will be included in all the action.

All your kid has to do is find another Mutt that has been trained in at least two Face Off tricks then select them by clicking the challenge button. They won’t even be transported to the Battle Arena, they’ll duke it out right there wherever they are in the Space Station! Have your kid try it out today after they finish training their Mutt.

Step up to the challenge and accept the request to have your kid’s Mutt face off!

Does your kid’s Mutt have the tricks it takes to win? Have them try out the new face off feature today. Let Max know if they win and how much they like it!

3 Responses

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  2. My daughter is having trouble with Trick training at Face Off. She never had trouble with those arrow keys elsewhere, just here. Anyone having the same problem? She is getting frustrated. MB team, any hints?

    • Hello, tinayim! Thanks for playing Math Blaster with your daughter! We appreciate your feedback and are glad to have you as fans. We had a lot of players saying the Trick Training was too easy so we decided to increase the difficulty. Everyone needs to be challenged to excel and we want the best space cadets we can have. Keep training and trying to get those tricks down! You may want to try timing the keys so that you press them right before they hit the box. We hope you keep training, she’ll get it soon!

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