Time For Battle!

The time has finally come, so we hope you’re prepared. After all of that Blaster training and those Mutt exercises, you can now take your Mutt to Nebula Knockout and battle other Blasters. Hopefully you have trained just as hard as they have so you won’t be defeated!

If you’ve completed all of the easy, medium and hard single player battle levels, you will have all of the skills to be able to battle other Blasters and their Mutts. If you haven’t, you can still attempt to challenge players head-to-head and cross your fingers for them to go easy on you!

Go head-to-head with other Blasters to see who’s Mutt has trained harder, then add them to your B.F.F. List after you’re don’t battling!

Don’t forget, battling in Nebula Knockout will help you and your Mutts prepare for any Alien Invasions or Red Alerts. We’re all on the same team though, so no hard feelings! Start training with your fellow Blasters today and let Max know what you think!

7 Responses

  1. […] them hard to prepare them for all the astronomical adventures they’ll take part in while at the Space Port! When they’re ready to battle though, they’re going to need a new look. And now, we’ve got […]

  2. math blaster could you please make it where you can morp your larva in to a mutt without beind a member i know its a member only thing but there are so many things that we cant do with our larva and there are alot you can do with a mutt

    • Hi, lana! Thank you so much for your interest in the MathBlaster.com. Although we understand your frustration with having limited access to the site as a non-member, we do need to have our current membership program to help us keep things running around Math Blaster and to regularly bring players, like you, new content.

      Please know that memberships do, go on sale for limited amounts of time at http://www.MathBlaster.com. Also, on occasion, bloggers have advertised 3-month membership giveaways on our Facebook wall. You are more than welcome to enter these giveaways for a chance to win membership to our site. If any official membership trials are available, in the near future, we’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks for letting us know how you feel and take care!

  3. y are the mutts in the hard level not easy on u?sometimes i get stuck on fighting marvelous medusa and i sometimes lose when fighting the bird on the last level.not the ice man,the evil one.

    • They have to be tough in order to properly train your Mutt for battle. If it were too easy, they wouldn’t be ready for any alien invasions!

  4. […] well, because we’ve got some news for you: there are a number of new features waiting for you in Nebula Knockout! Let’s go through a rundown of some of them so you can get back into the battles! Have you […]

  5. Dear Baileygreenpuppy,
    SAME THING 4 ME! Only one of my mutts has the power to beat a black belt… AND HE’S A YELLOW! I don’t like Marvelous Medusa. Not even my orange belt can beat her!(Mesusa is a girl name all right!)

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