An Eye For An Eye! Return The Favor To Your Friends!

Your B.F.F.s have had your back. They’ve cared for and cleaned your Mutts while you were out saving the Space Port during Red Alerts and beating those menacing alien bosses in HyperBlast. Now is your chance to pay them back! Give them a little gift after they’ve cared for your Mutt!

Check your Mutt Notifications to see who has cared for your Mutt while you were gone. After you’ve gone through the list of your Blaster buddies, send them something special and reward them helping you out.

Sharing is caring, so give a thank you to your friends!

Kind and courteous are just two traits of a model Blaster. After all, we’re all on one team, the I.S.P.! Repay your Blaster buddies and you might get a reward for watching someone else’s Mutt too! Try it out and let Max know what you think of the new Mutt Pod reward system!

11 Responses

  1. In Math-blaster I saw some other people with hair that is not in the blaster creator. How did they get it? I have a Membership so its not that, so how do I get the new hair?

    • Hi Alpha, and thanks for being a fan of Math Blaster! Some outfits are only available to our higher level members. So complete as many missions as you can to level up and you’ll be rewarded with those items!

  2. I have the app but I can’t teach my EYE CLOPS tricks on the app either because the last sequence is too long and too fast but I really want a SPACE GRIFFIN.

    • Hi Dani, we hope you’re enjoying the Monster Mutt Rescue app! If you really want a Space Griffin, you’re all set up to get one. All you have to do is first release your Eyeclops. Then, start over by adopting another larva on the app and you’ll end up with a Space Griffin. Since they’re new, there are still a lot of them that need homes! Get started today and let us know what you think!

  3. […] can be difficult, but don’t let it get in the way of your astronomical adventures! Bring your Mutts along for some Blasterific battles! That’s right, we said Mutts, because now you can have […]

  4. […] already love these toys, but now your friends will have the opportunity to enjoy receiving them as gifts too. These are a few of Max’s favorite things. Share them with your […]

  5. […] on the right side who need your help! Click on any name to go visit a friend’s mutt pod and care for their mutt and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. Or, check out your bPad’s achievement tab and find out […]

  6. i want to know why it is taking so long for my mutt to fly???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Hey Blaster! We’re sorry that you have been experiencing this issue. Keep on training your mutt, and your patience is bound to pay off! If this keeps on happening, though, make sure to contact one of our friendly customer support agents by calling (310) 533-3402, Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM PST. You can also reach us by email at Thank you, and keep learning and having fun as you play Math Blaster!

  7. I want to get a pet like lady rah ra, GC’s pet.

    • Hello Steve StoneOrbit! Unfortunately, GC’s mutt, Lady Rah Rah, is a rare mutt that GC found on one of her travels through space! However, you could always choose a larva and raise it as your own mutt. Please let us know if you have any further questions, comments or concern, and we hope you continue to learn and have fun as you play Math Blaster!

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