Blaster Alert: Max and GC Will Be Landing at Comic Con 2012!

For those of you not already in the know, Comic Con is a world renowned convention for fans of comic books and science fiction to come see exclusive product previews and even some of their favorite superheroes all  in one place. So if you’re going to be in San Diego, be sure to visit us at the Math Blaster booth, where you’ll be able to meet Max and GC!

Blasters in attendance will receive their very own cutouts of Max, GC or a larva that they can assemble into their very own 3D toy. As an added bonus, visitors will receive a code for a complimentary 15-day membership! This is a great opportunity to meet you favorite Blasters and take home something special. That way, you can continue the fun and learning for free at

If you can’t make it to the show, we’ve still got you covered. Feel free to print out the 3D toy templates here on the blog! They’re a great craft idea that you can share to take the Math Blaster fun where ever you go! Just make sure you get an adult to help you cut out all the pieces and see if you can assemble it on your own.

Try to make one, or see if you can put them all together! Comic Con is a great experience, but if you can’t make it to the show this year, we hope these will help you to still have fun this weekend. Which one is your favorite? Let Max know!

18 Responses

  1. i am going on my first road trip today

    • That’s great to hear, Joey! Make sure you stop by the Math Blaster booth in San Diego at Comic Con 2012 and say hi to Max and GC!

      • sorry I can’t I am on the eastern part of it if I was close I would go there every day

      • That’s ok, Joey. Maybe next year! You can still print out the cutouts as if you did get to go though, let us know how yours turn out!

  2. Hey, I don’t live near san diego!😦 It so unfair!

    • Not everyone lives in San Diego, Sadie. A lot of people traveled far and wide to attend Comic Con 2012. Maybe one day you can go too, but for now, you can print out the cutouts and put them together. It’ll be just like you did get to go!

  3. how do you get a griflim tell me

  4. I told my brother we might play Math Blaster but he said “I hate that!”We can’t release our mutts!” “I think we should leave Math Blaster!”

    • Hi Dani, we’re so glad you’re interested in playing Math Blaster! We have a lot of great features that you will enjoy playing with. We are sorry to hear that your brother feels that way, but do you know if there was a specific reason why? We always appreciate our players and their feedback so we would like to see if there was any way we could help. Thanks again and take care!

  5. It’s too far away!😦

    • Not too far for everyone else. A lot of people traveled far and wide to attend Comic Con 2012.

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  7. How do u get the cutouts

  8. I can’t print them

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