Ursa Major For Our Star Players!

Just like the seasons change, so do the stars. This time, they’ve realigned themselves for our stellar superstar blasters. Now, all of our distinguished cadets can advance to a new star status, Ursa Major!

Pegasus helped us highlight our best players, but now with this new constellation we can idenetify our players that have gotten even better at their math blasting skills. Reach for the stars blasters because this new bear constellation will only showcase our best of the best!

Check out the new Ursa Major star chart today!

Have you earned enough points to receive the new Star Status yet? Let Max know what you think!

6 Responses

  1. how do yhu do you do dat

    • Hey Jordan, and thanks for playing Math Blaster! All you have to do is keep completing all of the missions and you’ll earn enough points for the new Star Status. We hope you have fun playing!

  2. Hello Mathblaster! I was just wondering, How do you earn star points? I’m level 8 and I only have 3 stars!😦 And I think I did all the missions.

    • Hey, Caterina! Thanks for playing Math Blaster! It sounds like you’re a great Blaster who is working hard to keep our Space Station safe, so keep up the good work! To get more stars for your constellation, you should focus on interacting with your B.F.F.s. Try adding B.F.F.s, throwing parties, caring for your friend’s mutts, and challenging your friends to go head to head.

  3. hey, i need help all my friends have a star helmet and they are rank 20 and up. i am rank 20 and no helmet. I am a rising star. what does the helmet have to do?

    • Hi richard, We will be glad to help. Can you describe in detail what the helmet looks like? In the mean time, try leveling up to a higher rank to see if you get the helmet you are asking about

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