Battle Belts For Our Best Blasters!

Have you been training your amazing Monster Mutts in Nebula Knockout? Now that you can earn trophies in your Mutt Pod for battling, try to up the ante with these all new Battle Belts! Everyone starts off as a beginner with the White Belt, so can you train your Mutt and build your way up to the others?

Train and battle with your Mutt enough to get the blaster-ific Black Belt!

Each Battle Belt gives your Mutt a special power or bonus. Some of them are character specific, like the Pink and Blue Belt which will give your Mutt a special color kit that nobody else can get. Collect them all to see what each one does!

What do you think of the Battle Belts? Go check out the kiosk in the Nebula Knockout Arena, and let Max know what you think!

13 Responses

  1. hello math blaster. can you put the facebook login on the login place on jumpstart you have it i really miss my charochter and how im one of the best galaxy grandprix racer ( i think one of the best ) im not the best ever. but can you put the facebook login box in the login.. PLEASE i miss zoe irontron

    • Hi lea, and thanks for playing Math Blaster! That’s a great idea, and we’ll make sure that the producers get it. Keep checking back here and on our Facebook page for new updates, and we’ll let you know if we add the login button. Thanks again for the suggestion, and take care!

  2. really sorry i meant mathblaster not jumpstart i meant put the facebook login on login place on mathblaster

  3. […] you’re following the Olympics in London or in Nebula Knockout, make sure you take the time to train and care for your Mutt. While all of the gymnasts, swimmers […]

  4. hi mathblaster! is it possible you can get the color kits like the ones in the single player mode mutts have on?

    • Hey, Cody! Unfortunately, those color kits are special edition and are not available to our cadets but you should be sure to check out the color kits that are for sale because many of them are similar to the special edition kits and they are all really cool! Thanks for playing Math Blaster!

  5. My Grubble is a AWESOME at this!

  6. I have the black belt but is there a way you could make more belts

    • Hello Emerald! That is a great suggestion, and we will definitely send that over to our team! Thank you very much, and keep on playing Math Blaster!

  7. Can you let blasters (including non-members) breed their own larva/mutt ? Thanks!

    • Hello Josh QuartzQuasar! Thank you for the suggestion, we will be sure to send that idea over to our team. Keep on learning and having fun as you play Math Blaster!

  8. hi can you make it so you don’t release your mutts just send them to a hotel and you can retrieve them at any time and play with them

    • Hi Lola – After you release your Mutt back to its home planet, you can still find your Mutt back in your Mutt’s Pod. You can still interact with your released Monster Mutt by clicking on him. This way, you can make room for new Mutts you want to raise. If you have anymore questions, please let us know.

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