Math Blaster Fact of the Day!

Playing Math Blaster on your mobile device gives you the ability to play anywhere anytime, but how about your B.F.F.s? Coordinating to play with your B.F.F.s at a specific time can be a challenge. Now you have the ability to see when they’re online to battle out to be the top cadet! Since there are so many fun opportunities to hang out with your B.F.F.s, it would be deeply disappointing if you had to miss out on all the excitement while blasting from a mobile device!

The image of the green cell phone means this B.F.F. is blasting from a mobile device!

Check out your B.F.F. list to see for yourself! An image of a cell phone will appear next to a person’s username who is protecting the Space Station on a mobile device. Phew! What a relief! Now you can rest assured that you’ll always be in on the fun with your B.F.F.s and they’ll surely be there for you when you need a hand.

Let Max know if you like playing the Math Blaster apps on your mobile device!

2 Responses

  1. I have all of them there the greatest apps jumpstart app are fun to all other apps bad

    • Thanks, Joey! We’re so excited to hear how much you’re enjoying all our apps! Keep up the great blasting and thank you for the feedback!

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