Math May be a Universal Language, but Math Blaster Is Multilingual!

It doesn’t matter where you and your kid are playing Math Blaster from, because Max speaks a number of different languages! Your family can try out addition in English or subtración en Español. 2+2 means the same thing in any language, even Portuguese!

The best part of Math Blaster is that no matter how much your kid plays, and no matter which language they select, they’re still learning those important math skills. The adventures and fun don’t stop!

Click on the Language Selection tab to pick yours

Does your family speak multiple languages? Let Max know which ones and share a helpful phrase or two!

Outer Space Spring Cleaning: New Items For Your Pod!

The sun is shining brighter and there are more meteors flying through the sky. It looks like Spring has arrived! Now is the time for Blasters to spruce up their personal space and pretty up their pods, so check out the new items available in the My Pod store!

How are you going to decorate? Experiment with all the furniture today!

Your kids Blasters might want to deck out their Pods with some of these new items, so don’t forget to tell them about these out of this world choices. Spring is the season for a fresh start and adding these new pieces will surely bring some more light in. Or was that the sun? Either way, have your kids stop by the store today!

Check out some of the new additions!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

How are you and your kids going to be spending the day? Your kid’s Blaster’s might want to try their luck by playing some of our learning games, today! The more they learn the more they’ll be able to earn and customize their galactic adventure in Math Blaster.

Have your kids follow the Learning Game icon to find our top earning games!

Hopefully that legendary luck of the Irish will rub off on their Blasters and help your kids earn some cosmically cool credits! Which Math Blaster games will your kids be playing? Have them follow the Learning Game icon to increase their earning potential.

But if you’re looking for a few more missions away from the space port, don’t forget to check out some of our other math activities at

From all of us here at Math Blaster, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

A Room of One’s Own Day

Greetings, Blaster parents!

Isn’t it nice to have your own room? Today is “A Room of One’s Own Day,” so we want Blasters everywhere to celebrate having their own room in Math Blaster! Today’s the day for your kids to buy that special piece of furniture they’ve been wanting from the Pod Store. Then, tell them to hang out and enjoy having a room of their own!

Max would love to hear all about your children’s rooms! What’s their favorite piece of furniture? What’s their favorite thing to do in their room? Tell him all about!

Your kids’ mutts can celebrate too!

Breaking Monster Mutt News, Direct from Max!

We’ve noticed how much your kids have loved their monster mutts! So Max and the rest of the Math Blaster team have been thinking, “What would make monster mutts even more exciting for all these Blasters?” At first we were completely spaced out, but after putting our heads together we came up with this awesome answer…COLOR KITS! We’re sure that your kids will be as excited as we are when they hear the news! And with Halloween around the corner, it’s just the right time of year for your kids to disguise their mutts in a new look!

Have your kids head over to the Monster Mutt Accessories Machine today!

These new Monster Mutt Color Kits will allow your kids’ Blasters to change the color of their Grubbles, Eye-clopses, or Ickasaurs. Using the credits they’ve been gathering up while off training with games like B-force Blaster, your kids can buy these cosmically cool color kits at the new Monster Mutt Accessories machine. Have them come on over to the Monster Mutt Food dispenser in the Park and they’ll be sure to notice the new Mutt Accessories machine nearby. Coming from the Spaceport all they’ll need to do is enter the Monster Mutt Rescue station and head straight over to the Park. Before they know it their mutts will be looking… out of this world!

Your kids have a ton of great options to look through!

Once they’ve purchased a kit, it’ll be stored in their handy Monster Mutt inventory. To pull this menu up, have them simply click on their monster mutt. They’ll then be given the choice to play, care, or DRESS UP their mutt. It’ll be as easy as space travel for your kids’ Blasters to figure out!

So be sure to tell your kids that color kits have arrived and its time to start accessorizing those mutts! Max is already so excited to get some feedback. Let us know what they think of this latest monster mutt feature!

There’s No Place Like My Pod!

Soon your kids will have a place to call home in Math Blaster. Introducing, My Pod! My Pod will be your child’s own apartment that they will be able to design with furniture and accessories to look anyway they want! These cosmic chambers will hover around the space station and give your kids a space to relax and hang out with their B.F.F.s.

My Pod

Tell your kids to head to the My Pod portal in the ISP to teleport to their pod.

My Pod will have everything a Blaster needs to take a break from saving the space station and get away from it all. Your kids’ mutts will even have their own special hang out spot in the pod called Mutt Pod. Your mutt will be able to spend time here when your kids are busy fending off galactic enemies from the ISP.

Monster Mutt Pod

Your kids will be able to express their monster mutts' style by purchasing the perfect mutt bed.

Check out the My Pod Store!

What Do Your Kids Think Of The New Features?

Recently, we launched some cool, new features that make it easier for Blasters to communicate with each other.

With these features, Blasters have an opportunity to not only chat, but also share more information about themselves. On the Home Page, Blasters will see their Blaster’s information, as well as information about their B.F.F.s. Blasters can share details about themselves such as gender, native country, mood, Math Blaster rank and status updates. Although their information is featured on their Home Page, Blasters will have to access their About Me page to make changes to these items.

Home Page

The Home Page gives Blasters access to information about themselves, their B.F.F.s and Math Blaster!

The About Me page gives Blasters an opportunity to share their favorites. Blasters can also update their B.F.F.s about what is going on in their lives, and their friends can reply to their status! In addition to that, Blasters can learn more about the latest news and updates to Math Blaster and then head into the game afterwards with the quick launch option!

About Me

Encourage your kids to personalize their About Me page with their favorites!

The message board allows Blasters to interact with their B.F.F.s. This is a great way to keep a long conversation in order. If Blasters want to continue chatting inside of the game, they can use the toolbar which is located on the bottom of the screen. The toolbar also has buttons that will grant access to all of the features mentioned including the About Me page, message board, emoticons and chat.


Kids can share a few cool words with Blasters by utilizing the improved toolbar!

Have your kids had a chance to explore these new features yet? What do they think?